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Science is for everyone


Warm up

Do you like taking photos of animals or plants? Why or why not?

Taking photos can allow you to get the beauty of nature.


What do scientists do?

What are they like?

Do experiments.

Deal with lots of numbers.

Read and write a lot…


Creative (有创造力的), knowledgeable, smart, hardworking...


What is the meaning of the phrase “science is for everyone”?

If you knew that watching stars and clouds, counting penguins and even listening to laughs could be science projects, would you want to take part? How would you help out?


Read and answer the questions.

1. Can you name one of the projects you read about in the article?

Watching stars and clouds, counting penguins, listening to laughs, Age Guess, Identify clouds…


2.What are the advantages of becoming a citizen scientist?

People can get a sense of purpose, have fun and get more education. 


While reading

Choose the best answer.

1. How can people help scientists with Find Nature?

A. They can collect pictures of animals from others.

B. They can study animal photos and videos.

C. They can upload information about animals they see.

D. They can find and protect animals.

讲解:从本文第二段可知。People can upload (上传) photos, sounds and locations of animals if they see them around their city. 在拍摄完动物照片后,需要上传照片、声音和动物所在的位置。故答案为C


Choose the best answer.

2. The example in Paragraph 3 shows that _____.

A. scientific studies will last longer with citizens’ help

B. it will take years for scientists to study the data from the app

C. people can share their stories with scientists in the app

D. with the app, citizens can help scientists 

讲解:第三段的主题句people just like you can help out with many scientific studies. 告诉我们:普通市民能够在许多科学研究方面提供帮助。故答案为D


Choose the best answer.

3. But if we share our own photos of ladybugs with scientists, they can find them much faster. What does the underlined word they refer to (指代)?

A. Citizens.       B. Scientists.

C. Ladybugs.     D. Photos.

讲解:根据本句话可知:如果我们和科学家分享瓢虫的照片,他们能帮助科学家研究得更快。所以这里的they指代的是photos,故答案为 D


Choose the best answer.

4. What is the last paragraph mainly about?

A. How to study animals by using the app.

B. How to watch stars and count penguins.

C. Where to find new projects.

D. Other fun citizen science projects.

讲解:根据最后语段的标题other fun projects,并列举了一些有趣的项目,故答案为D




Words in use

Completion. Complete the sentences using the words in the box.

take part in,  such as,    spend,     take

1.I think it will ________ them much time to get there.

2. How he wished to _______ the show with his brothers.

3. I  ____ doing some many fun experiments.

4. Don’t  _____ too much time walking around here.

5. He likes sports, _________swimming, skating, jogging.

1. take     2. take part in       3. spend     4. such as




Completion. Complete the sentences according to Chinese.

1. 为什么不给鸟照张相呢?________ take a picture of the bird?

2. 正如老话说的那样,众人拾柴火焰高。

________________, “many hands make light work”.

3. 任何帮助科学家做这项工作的人都被称为公民科学家。

________helps scientists do the job is called a “citizen scientist”.

4. 公民科学项目帮助你充分利用时间。

Citizen science projects can help you ____________your time.

5. 你不知道你可能会发现什么

You never know______________.

1. Why not  2. As one old saying goes   3. Anyone who   4. make good use of  5. what you might find




What can you learn from the passage?

Which project are you interested in? Why

Do you want to help out with science? How?



Science is for people who want to make a difference in the world.


If you want to make a difference, then science is for you.


Science is for people who want to improve our lives.


If you want to make people’s lives better, then science is for you.


Science is for everyone, as long as you are willing to contribute time and effort.

Homework: Search for more fun science projects and think about how you can take part in them.


Science is endless. It’s an eternal mystery.


How did dinosaurs get around?

Warm up

What kind of animal is being described below?

They were reptiles (爬行动物).

They were once the largest animals to live on Earth.

You can’t find them anymore.


What else do you know about dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs were big and heavy. How did they walk?


Do you know how dinosaurs were able to walk?

Why were they able to walk?

While reading

Fast reading and prediction check.

Dinosaurs could move and run easily because of their light bones.


While reading

Choose the best answer.

1. Dinosaurs could run easily because _____.

A. they had small bones

B. their trabecular bone tissue was special

C. their bones were made of sponge

D. they had more spongy tissue

讲解:根据第一段,Unlike other animals, the trabecular bone tissue of dinosaurs was different. It was light (轻的). This means that even large dinosaurs had light bones. 与其他动物不同,恐龙的骨小梁组织较轻,这意味着甚至大型恐龙的骨头重量较轻。故答案为 D,他们的骨小梁组织特殊。


Choose the best answer.

2. The story describes dinosaur bones as being _____.

A. heavy and strong

B. light and weak

C. long and strong

D. light and strong

讲解:根据第一段后面的部分,特别是Even very large dinosaurs could move easily with their light and strong bones.故答案为 D


Choose the best answer.

3. What is the last paragraph mainly about?

A. How the first spacecraft was invented.

B. How bridges work.

C. Why there are no dinosaurs.

D. What we can learn from the bones of dinosaurs.

讲解:根据最后一段Learning more about dinosaur bones might help us learn how to make bridges and spacecraft that are both light and strong. ,了解恐龙骨骼给我们带来的启发,故答案为 D


Put the numbers 18, 60 and 6 in the right places.


The heaviest dinosaur was heavier than at least  _____ cars.


The tallest dinosaur was as tall as a ____ -floor building..


The longest dinosaur was up to ____ meters long.


30; 6; 60



What can you learn from the passage?

Think hard about how we can improve our lives with what we learn.


Words in use

Completion. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the words in the box.

easy,   large,  learn,  long, spend

1. Dinosaurs were some of ________animals on earth.

2. The bridge is as _______as two kilometers.

3.   ______ more about his life has taught me much about him.

4. Don’t  _____ too much time walking around here.

5. How could dinosaurs get around so ____?

1. the largest   2. long  3. Learning  4. spend   5. easil

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