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初三教案 第634期(1)

TEENS 初三20-21学年第4期总第634期初三教案




Inner beauty is what counts (P4)



I. Warm up

Look at the pictures:


1. What can you see in the pictures?

2. How do the girls feel?

3. Can you guess what we are going to read on this page?





Look at the title and predict.

1. What is “inner beauty”?

2. What does the word “count” mean?

3. Can you guess what the article is about?


count  v. say numbers 数数

e.g.: count from one to ten

2. be important 重要


Every point in this game counts.

The first impression really counts.




II. While reading


Part 1

Read the first part of the passage (P1-4). Finish a profile about Brandy Melville.



Key sentences


Part 2

Read the rest of the passage. Think about the following questions:


1. What percentage of girls care about the way they look, according to the passage?

2. How many teenagers in China want to lose weight and why?

3. What suggestions does the passage give us?



1. 47 percent

2. More than half of teenagers want to lose weight because they want to make themselves look better.

3. Girls should learn to accept different body shapes and show themselves with confidence. Just be themselves.



III. Post reading

Girls should learn to accept different body shapes and show themselves with confidence. Just be themselves.

·Do you agree with this?

·What makes you beautiful?

Discuss with your classmates and write a 3-minute speech.




IV. Word in use

·Complete the sentences using the given words and phrases.


all sorts of    lead to    brand   common   lose weight


1. Which ________ of mobile phone do you want to buy?

2. His hard work ________ great success.

3. There are  ________ animals in the zoo.

4. I’m trying to ________, but I’m still a bit fat.

5. It is  ________ for people to go to work by bus.




led to

all sorts of

lose weight




·Learn the following useful phrases.













all over the world

lead to

feel unsatisfied with

according to

hold back

lose weight

at the cost of

post photos

fashion trend


V. Language Points

It’s common for teenagers to feel unsatisfied with their bodies


1. It is + adj. of/for sb. to do sth.

e.g. It is very kind of you to help me.

       It is easy for me to learn English.

2. be unsatisfied with


    be angry/ busy/happy/satisfied/pleased with     

    be worried/ crazy about

    be good at

    be fond/proud of

    be interested in      be late/ ready/ responsible for




made them feel uncomfortable / … make themselves look better                 

make sb. do  

e.g. The tall man made the baby cry yesterday.


2.  类似搭配

    let sb. do sth

    see sb. do / doing sth.

    hear sb. do/ doing sth.


    e.g. I often saw him sing in the park.



this is not their fault, but the fault of the trend.  

notbut…不是……   而是……

e.g. She wants to buy not a dress but a shirt.



 both A and B                 Both Ben and Lucy are students.

 not only A but also B                                                                   

Not only the students but also the teacher was satisfied with the plan.

 neither A nor B    Neither he nor she is at school today.

 either A or B.  Either he or she is at home today.




Which 在这里引导的是非限制性定语从句,指代的内容是前面所讲的“if you dont fit into the clothing, whether its too big or too small, youre not normal, 这一句所描述的整个情况。

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