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高二教案 第803期(1)

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Western customs through ‘Tiny Eyes’ (P4)
山东省烟台第二中学 赵娜娜
What is your impression of a Westerner?

blond hair, blue eyes and a high nose

What are some Westerners' impression of us?

wearing a bamboo hat, tiny eyes

stereotype: a fixed idea or image that many people have of a particular type of person or thing, but which is often not true in reality

Stereotypes and cultural misunderstandings exist between the East and West.

Tiny Eyes Comics, an online cartoon strip by Paris-based visual designer Cao Siyu, tries to foster greater understanding among people from different countries and cultures. The comic covers everyday topics.

Title prediction
Western customs through ‘Tiny Eyes’

Read the title and predict what the passage is about.
•What is “Tiny Eyes”?
•What Western customs can we know through “Tiny Eyes”?

Read the passage quickly and choose the main idea of the passage.
A.The differences between the East and the West.
B.An introduction of the comic series Tiny Eyes Comics.
C.The personal life of Cao Siyu.
Read the text carefully and answer the following questions.
•1.What inspired Cao to create the comic series?
•2.What’s the comic series mainly about? Give some examples.
•3. How do readers feel about Tiny Eyes Comics?
Reading for details
1.What inspired Cao to create the comic series?
•The series is based on Cao’s experiences and observations while living abroad.
•“My experience shows that although travel is much easier and faster today, the distance between cultures doesn’t shorten,” said Cao.  Her comic shows the “big world through tiny Chinese eyes”.

2.What’s the comic series mainly about? Give some examples.
Tiny Eyes Comics features the everyday activities and interactions (互动) of a girl named Tiny Eyes. The comic highlights the differences between cultures, while adding a bit of relatable comedy.

One comic strip illustrates the countries’ different water preferences. Three glasses are shown, each with a country’s name underneath. The glass of water from the US has ice; the one from France is sparkling water; the one from China is steaming.

Cao also notes differences in expressions of emotions between loved ones in Eastern and Western cultures. One illustration shows an American directly telling her mother that she loves her, while a Chinese daughter asks about her mother’s health and advises her to wear more clothes due to the weather.

One of her popular illustrations shows how complicated French cutlery is, compared with the Chinese tradition of using chopsticks. Chinese people can use chopsticks to eat everything, but in France, there are no less than eight types of fork, knife and spoon required to finish a single, multiple-course meal.

One of her comics shows the cultural differences behind the debate about usage of masks in which a Chinese girl wearing a mask on the metro is stared at weirdly by others.

3. How do readers feel about Tiny Eyes Comics ?

•“In a few strokes, Siyu Cao produces scenes of everyday life … and challenges the prejudices and representations we make of each other, deconstructing them with personal anecdotes.”
•“They … portray complex and multilayered issues and thoughts in a very intelligent and light way.”
•“They are also inspiration for those who have completely different upbringings and cultural backgrounds and that is the beauty of [her] work.”
What else do you think people in the West should know about us?
Language study
1.打破刻板印象break stereotypes
2.文化误解cultural misunderstanding
4.喜欢喝的水water preferences
5.建议某人做某事advise sb to do sth
7. 理解make of
8. 个人趣事personal anecdotes
9. 有启发作用的enlightening
10. ……的启示inspiration for
11. 不同的成长过程different upbringings
12. 文化背景cultural backgrounds
Introduce the comic series to your classmates and discuss.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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