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Nations work hand in hand (P4-5)

Warm up

What is the biggest organization in the world? What is its main goal?

Do you know the flag on the right? What does it stand for?



Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what this passage will be about.

How do different countries work together?


Fast reading

Look through the passage and find out:

How old is the UN?

It is 75 years old.

What is its main goal?

Achieving world peace.


Careful reading

Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

The UN was set up in ____. It had ____ member countries at that time.

Today, the UN has _____ member countries.



How does the UN solve differences between countries?

It tries to find peaceful solutions.


How does the UN stop wars?

It sends peacekeeping troops.


The UN works to improve people’s lives. What does it do?    

True or false:

It can solve all kinds of problems. F

It ensures that all children can go to school. T  


What did the UN do during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The UN got countries to work together to fight the virus.


What did the WHO do?  

The WHO sent experts to many countries to help.


Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

_____________activities are held in schools around the world.

___________ and ________ were invited to give speeches by the UN.


Model United Nations; Chen Hetu; Wang Yuan


Which conference did Chen Hetu take part in? 

The 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference.


What activity did he start at his school?

To say “no” to plastic book covers.


What did he tell the world?

He told the world how he helped to reduce plastic use at his school.


Which conference did Wang Yuan take part in? 

The 2017 ECOSOC Youth Forum.


What is his passion for the future?

About improving education in rural areas.


What is his passion for the future?

Every child should get a good education and girls should have the same chances as boys.


What color is the UN flag? 

A. White.         B. Blue.

C. Green.         D. Yellow.



Which of these is not an official UN language? 

A. Arabic.        B. Chinese.

C. French.        D. German.



Reading Comprehension.  True or False.

The UN was set up at the end of World War I.

All of the world’s countries are members of the UN.

The world map stands for all the people in the world.

Anyone can give a speech at a UN conference.



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

stand for    take part in      break out    set up 

1. Yesterday I __________ a math competition.

2. A war has  ________ again.

3. What does “WTO” _________? 

4. A new middle school has been _____ in the village.


1. took part in   2. broken out   3. stand for   4. set up


Post reading

Do you know the three men in these pictures?

Try to find out more about them and share what you’ve learned with your classmates.


What if we eat gum? (P6)

Warm up

Many people like chewing gum. It is possible to eat gum by accident.



Have you ever eaten gum before?

If so, what happened to you?

How were you worried about it?


Fast reading

Read this title and discuss these questions.


Is it dangerous to swallow gum?

Will your guts stick together if you swallow a piece of chewing gum?


Look through the passage. What is the story about?

A. How chewing gum goes through our body.

B. The correct way to eat chewing gum.

C. How to make chewing gum.

D. Why chewing gum is popular.



Look through the passage and answer this question.

How long might chewing gum stay in your body?

A. Two hours.   

B. One day.

C. Two years.

D. Seven years.



Read the passage and fill in blanks.

The gum will not stay in your body for ______.

Most gum is made of _____.

There are ______  in the stomach, but they can’t break down gum.

long; chicle; acids



It may cause problems.

How to solve this problem?


Why is chewing gum too often bad for your teeth?

How many pieces of gum should you chew each day?

No more than one or two pieces a day.


How long does it take for gum to break down?

A. Two hours.

B. One day.

C. Two years.

D. Six years.



True or false?

It’s best to put gum in a napkin and throw it into a garbage bin. T

Gum has very little sugar. F


Post reading

Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. What do we know about chewing gum?

A. It is made from food.

B. It is good for your teeth.

C. You must go to a doctor if you swallow it.

D. You shouldn’t swallow too much at one time.



2. What might happen if you swallow a lot of chewing gum?

A. Your guts will stick together.

B. It will break down in your stomach.

C. It might block your intestines.

D. It might add acid to your stomach.



Words in use


1. It does not matter to me whether you go or s_____.

2. _____ (咀嚼) your food well before you swallow it.

3. It t______ him about half an hour to do his homework every day. 

4. Thats trash - you can _______(扔掉) it away.

1. Stay   2. Chew  3. takes   4. throw


Post reading


Before the advent of factory-made chewing gum, American Indians and early settlers (早期居民) often made their own chewing gum from hardened tree sap (树汁).  Would you like to find out more about how to make chewing gum and share with us?

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