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高三教案 第724期(1)

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Changing times bring new criteria (P4-5)
华中师范大学第一附属中学 尉星

The Oscars, also called the Academy Awards, is a formal awards ceremony to honor the best achievements in filmmaking for the past year. The first Academy Awards presentation ceremony was held in 1929. The ceremony was first shown live on television in 1953. It has continued to grow and is now broadcast to over 200 countries and regions.

Group discussion:
What is your impression of the Oscars?
Reading and understanding
Para 1   The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, have long been one of the film industry’s most famous awards. However, despite its 92-year history, the awards show has come under fire in recent years for not recognizing enough multicultural performers and directors.
Para 2   In response to this lack of representation, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the group that oversees the Oscars, has announced new diversity requirements for future films to be submitted to the Best Picture category in 2024.

Q1. What does the underlined phrase “has come under fire” in paragraph 1 probably mean?
Answer : If something has come under fire, it has been criticized.  

The awards show has been criticized for not recognizing enough multicultural performers and directors.

Para 3   They require nominees to meet at least two out of four sets of criteria, aiming to increase inclusion for underrepresented groups – people of color, women and people with disabilities – both on and off-screen. These standards include a minimum requirement for underrepresented groups at the executive level.
Para 4   In a statement, Academy President David Rubin said hopefully: “These inclusion standards will be a catalyst (催化剂) for long-lasting, essential change.”
Para 5  Four years ago, #OscarsSoWhite quickly drew attention, highlighting the absence of minority representation among previous nominees. It also pointed out that the voting committee has been largely white and male for decades, noted The New York Times.  

Q2:  Who are the underrepresented groups?
Answer: They include people of color, women and people with disabilities.

Q3: What is #OscarsSoWhite? Why did it draw attention?
Answer: #OscarsSoWhite is a hashtag on social media. It called out the lack of diversity - especially people of color and  women - in nominations for Oscars.

Para 6 Ever since, the Academy has looked to increase its diversity by promising to double female and minority members in 2016 and by introducing these latest regulations for Best Film nominees. For example, the South Korean film Parasite 《寄生虫》, which features an all-Asian cast, won four Oscars at the 2020 Academy Awards, including Best International Feature Film and Best Picture.
It is to show the Academy’s recent effort to increase diversity.

Q4: Why is the film Parasite mentioned in the text?
It is to show the Academy’s recent effort to increase diversity.

Para 7 However, the latest move has its doubters.
Some have said that the awards body should be focusing on awarding what they consider to be the best film, rather than limiting what can be nominated, noted Forbes.  
 Richard Grenell, the current US ambassador to Germany,  also criticized the move, tweeting that “It’s no longer the Best Picture, it’s the Most Politically Correct Picture.”
 Others, though, have praised the initiative. Culture critic Sonny Bunch wrote on Twitter, “The academy is finally – finally! – doing something to ensure that underrepresented groups have a shot.”
Arguably, The New York Times said it best. While it noted that the requirements were “easy for most studios to satisfy”, the initiative will show voters the extent to which diversity standards were met.

Fill in the blanks
The public’s _________ views of the new criteria are as follows:
Someone _________the move, tweeting that “it is no longer the Best Picture, but it is the Most ______Correct Picture”, while others have ______ the initiative, saying that the academy is doing something to ensure that underrepresented groups will have more exposure.   


Find a word that is similar in meaning to “move” in Para 7.
Initiative: a new plan for dealing with a particular problem or for achieving a particular purpose  


What is your opinion on the new criteria? Do you criticize it or support it? Why?

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