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New way to eat ‘meat’ (P4-5)

Warm up

What kind of food do you like most?

Are you a vegetarian?



Predict (预测):

Read the title and discuss the following question

What do you think is the new way to eat “meat”?


Beyond Meat will sell its products in _____ more stores by the end of September. 

A. 2,000          B. 3,000

C. 4,000          D. 5,000



In June, KFC started to sell plant-based burgers in all of these cities except ______. 

A. Shanghai.   B. Hangzhou

C. Beijing.    D.Guanghzou.



Careful reading

Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

Meat doesn’t only come from _______. We can also make meat out of ____.

animals; plants


What can we know about plant-based meat from this paragraph?

It is real meat.

It only looks like the real thing.

It only tastes like the real thing.

It’s made out of plants.


True or false:

Plant-based meat is getting less popular in the US.  F

In China, Pizza Hut and KFC added plant-based meat to their menus. T


Why is plant-based meat better for the environment?

Because producing it makes less greenhouse gases.


Stop doing sth.: 停止正在做的事

Stop to do sth.: 停下来去做某事


Read the survey results and answer questions.

What was this survey about?

It’s about what Chinese people think about plant-based meat.


Do many people know what plant-based meat is?


What is not a reason for buying plant-based meat?

A. Lower fat.

B. Additives.

C. Trendiness.

D. Curiosity.



Why do chicken, beef, pork and fish taste different? 

Where can scientists find similar molecules?

Is the technique perfect?

No, it isn’t.


Reading Comprehension.  True or False.

If everyone stopped eating meat, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to one-third. T

Many people get heart disease because they eat too much meat. T

Scientists cannot find molecules in plants that are similar to meat molecules. F

Eating plant-based food is better and healthier. T


Words in use



1. 快别哭了,告诉我发生了什么事?

    Please stop _____(cry) and tell me what’s wrong.

2. 我饿了。我们停下来吃午饭吧。

    I am hungry. Let’s stop _______(have) lunch.

3. 他用了太多时间在电脑前。

    He spends too______ time in front of the computer. 

4. 教室里有太多学生了,很拥挤。

   It’s so crowded. There are too ________ kids in the classroom.

crying; to have; much; many


Post reading

Around 160 supermarkets around China have started selling microwave meals featuring plant-based meat. The meals include sticky rice in lotus leaf, pumpkin stir-fried noodles, multigrain rice with assorted vegetables, and "pork" with mushrooms. Would you like try it?


Wash less to save oceans (P6)

Warm up

More and more waste water is being poured into rivers. It has caused serious pollution.


It was once believed that the oceans were too big to pollute. Do you agree?

What do you think can cause ocean pollution?


Fast reading

Look through this passage and fill in blanks.

__________ is polluting the Arctic.

One pair of blue jeans loses________ microfibers per wash.

Washing jeans; 56,000


Careful reading

What does the water take with it when we wash clothing?

Small fuzzy bits.

What are microfibers?

Small fibers less than five millimeters long.

Where do these microfibers end up when they go out with the wastewater?

They end up in our rivers and seas.


True or False:

Jeans lose small amounts of   microfibers when they’re washed. F

Scientists have found microfibers in waters all over the world. F


Read the passage and fill in blanks.

______ the people living in Canada wear jeans almost every day.

People might wash their jeans  _____________.

Scientists say washing jeans just ________ is enough.

Half of; once every two days; once a month



Microfibers go into

Lakes & rivers





Add special filters to washing machines.

Use a special bag when washing clothes.


Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. What do we know about microfibers from Paragraph 2?

a. They are made out of cloth.

b. They are very tiny.

c. They can flow into rivers.

d. They are environmentally friendly.

A. abc                B. bcd                 C. acd                  D. abd


2. What do the findings show?

A. Jeans have more microfibers than other clothes.

B. Blue jeans are the main pollutant of the Arctic.

C. Jeans are popular all over the world.

D. Washing jeans causes pollution.



3. According to the story, what might the scientists suggest?

A. Don’t buy blue jeans.

B. Wear jeans once a month.

C. Don’t wash your jeans too often.

D. Stop selling blue jeans to Canada.



Words in use


1. I am going to take the bus to ____(节省) money.

2. Linda was very upset about _____ (丢掉) her job.

3. I dont understand. Please tell me what you ______ (意思是). 

4. An _______(平均) of 400 people pass through here every day.

1. save   2. losing   3. mean     4. average


Post reading

Water is the source of life. It is very important to protect our waters.

What can we do to protect the ocean?

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