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初一教案 第712期



Building Beijing’s jewel (P4-5)

Warm up

What is it?

It is in the center of Beijing.

It is 600 years old.

It is the largest royal (皇家的) palace in the world.

It is the largest wooden palace in the world.

What else do you know about it?



Predict (预测):

Read the title and predict what “jewel” means or refers to.

Why is the Forbidden City called “Beijing’s jewel”?

A precious stone

Something valuable


Fast reading

Look through the passage and find out:

When was the Forbidden City built?

From 1406 to 1420.

How many workers built the palace?

About 1 million.


Careful reading

Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

 The Forbidden City is the world’s ____ palace made of _____. Living through fires and ____, it still stands at the ____ of Beijing today.

largest  wood   wars   heart/center


1. From Paragraph 1, we know that the Forbidden City _____.

A. is the heart of Beijing

B. can be set on fire

C. is the world's largest building

D. has gone through hard times



Which emperor built the Forbidden City?

Yongle, the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty.


How many emperors lived in the Forbidden City?



True or false?

It took 100,000 workers 14 years to build the Forbidden City. F


What is Paragraph 3 mainly about?

A. How many workers built the palace.

B. The difficulties of building the palace.

C. The importance of building the palace.

D. How valuable the materials are.



How much does the palace’s heaviest stone weigh?

It weighs 250 tons.

Where did people find the stone?

In the countryside about 80 km west of Beijing.


How did workers move the 250-ton stone to the palace?

A. They moved the stone in water.

B. They poured water onto the stone to make ice.

C. They built a road to move it.

D. They made ice on the road during winter to move it.



Fill in the blanks with numbers.


The Forbidden City is _____ meters long and ____ meters wide. It has a total area area of ____ square meters. There are ____ buildings with more than ____ rooms.

961  753   723,633   1,050   8,700


What did people use to put out fires? Water kept in vats.


How did the dragons protect the palace from lightning?

Their iron tongues and wires would send the lightning to the ground.


How did the buildings survive so many earthquakes?

A special structure called dougong helped them survive.


Which of the palace’s halls is the most important?

The Hall of Supreme Harmony.


Why are there many mythical animals on its roof?

Because people believed they could stop evil spirits and bring good luck.


Reading Comprehension.  True or false?

T It was really hard to build the Forbidden City.

F The Forbidden City never experienced any disasters.

F The Forbidden City shows the wisdom of modern Chinese people.


Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

  be made of   live through      come from    put out 

1. He managed to  ________ two world wars.

2. This suit _______very good material.

3. A downpour of rain _______ the children's bonfire. 

4. This new kind of fruit _________ the mountains.

live through   is made of   put out    comes from


Post reading

What are some of Beijing’s other “jewels”?


Try to find out more about them and share what you’ve learned with your classmates.


Why do giraffes get hit? (P6)

Warm up

1. It is the tallest land animal.

2. It mostly eats leaves.

3. Its neck is 1.9 meters long.



Which of the following is most likely to be hit by lightning?

A. A giraffe standing among tall buildings.

B. Animals in African forests.

C. A tree in an open place.

D. Small animals that live underground.


Fast reading

1. Which of the following is most likely to be hit by lightning?

A. A giraffe standing among tall buildings.

B. Animals in African forests.

C. A tall tree in an open place.

D. Small animals that live underground.



Careful reading

Fill in the blanks.

Lightning often hits ____ things, especially in _____ places. The taller and ____ an animal is, the more easily it will get hit by lightning.

tall   open   bigger

What caused the two giraffes to die?

The rain

Standing in an open area

Not being near trees

Their body length


Why is the current in giraffes stronger?

A. Because their front and back feet are different.

B. Because giraffes are very tall.

C. Because they can turn current into step potential.

D. Because giraffes have longer bodies.



What is the story mainly about?

A. How giraffes are dying out.

B. What “living lightning rods” are.

C. How to stay away from lightning.

D. Why giraffes get hit by lightning easily.



What makes giraffes “living lightning rods”?


Their height.

Their body length.


True or false

T Two giraffes got hit by lightning and died.

F Only tall animals are more likely to be hit by lightning.

T Tall trees might save animals from getting hit by lightning.


Words in use


1. On r_____ days, the roads are really slippery.

2. An a____ male giraffe can stand about 5.5 meters tall.Anstands about 5.5 meters

3. The ____ (big) the animal is, the more likely it is to be by lightning.

4. The height of the giraffes might make it _____ (easy) for them to reach leaves on tall trees.

rainy  adult  bigger easier


Post reading

There are four ways that lightning can kill an animal. It can strike the animal directly or it can hit as a side flash,  (侧击雷) entering the animals body after striking a nearby object. It can also kill them through touch potential, which is when electrical current(电流)goes through an animal that is in direct contact with a lightning-struck object. Finally, lightning can also deliver a deadly current through step potential, (跨步电压) which hits the animal through the ground.

What should you do when during a thunderstorm? 

 Find shelter if possible.

 Don’t stand under trees.

 Don’t use your phone.

 Don’t stand in open or high places

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