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初二教案 第714期





 Get your candy safely during the pandemic (P4)



I. Pre-reading

•What are some Halloween customs?


  Halloween parties

  Carving pumpkins


•Take a guess…

  How do people celebrate Halloween during the pandemic? 


•Guess what the story is about.

  How are kids trick-or-treating this year?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. This year, trick-or-treating is not suggested because _____.

A. it’s not healthy for children to eat candy

B. neighbors will not give out candy to kids

C. many cities will ban the activity

D. close contact may allow COVID-19 to spread


stop sb from doing sth 



come up with



contact v. 接触

contact with sb 


•What is this paragraph about?

  How Elizabeth Lusty and her neighbors protect kids during Halloween. 


•By using this candy chute, kids can get candy safely.



Choose the answer. 

2. How can kids collect candy from Andrew’s house?

A. They collect candy as usual.

B. Andrew will hand it to them.

C. They can take it from a box.

D. They collect candy from a chute. 


3. Paragraphs 3 and 4 explain _____. 

A. what Halloween is usually like

B. new ways for kids to trick-or-treat

C. what people are doing to stop trick-or-treaters

D. how neighbors stay in touch with each other 


4. What can we learn from Beattie?

A. COVID-19 might spread quickly on Halloween.

B. People need trick-or-treating these days.

C. Trick-or-treating will not be fun this year.

D. Kids don’t care about COVID-19. 


III. Further reading

Adults may look at the months ahead and worry about the election (选举), holiday plans and where their county falls on reopening tiers (等级). Kids just want to know if they are going to get free candy on Halloween. 

Public health officials in the Bay Area have made it clear that activities that may increase the risk (危险) of spreading the coronavirus should be avoided (避免), including door-to-door trick-or-treating and attending (参加) indoor gatherings (聚集). 


Stay outside

Many traditional Halloween activities happen outdoors, which is a good thing. Remember to wear a face mask that will protect you from spreading the virus at all times, even if you are outside, as a creepy (令人毛骨悚然的) rubber (橡胶的) mask will not work to slow the spread of COVID-19.  


Avoid crowds

The biggest risk on Halloween night will be areas where large groups of people from different households congregate (聚集). That is why governments discourage 

(不鼓励) people from trick-or-treating door-to-door. 


There are safer ways to experience Halloween.

Officials suggest setting up a projector (投影仪) outside to watch a scary movie or organizing a socially distanced (有距离的) costume parade (游行) for smaller kids on your block. “I think we need to realize (意识到) that family and friends need to see each other …” said Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease (传染病) doctor and researcher with UCSF. 


IV. Post reading

•Group activity: 

  Can you come up with some other creative ideas for children to go trick-or-treating without coming into contact with each other? 







Why do these bugs love blood? (P6)



I. Pre-reading

•Guess the answers.

  Do mosquitoes only drink blood?

  How do mosquitoes drink blood?

  How does blood taste to mosquitoes?


II. While reading

•These are the questions that the scientists wanted to answer. 


•feed v. 当主语为动物时,feed on sth 表示“以......为食”。

  Butterflies feed on the flowers of garden plants. 


Choose the answer. 

1. What do we know from Paragraph 2?

A. Mosquitoes smell by using their stylets.

B. Mosquitoes use their lips to drink blood.

C. Mosquitoes drink flower nectar.

D. Mosquitoes prefer blood to flower nectar. 


•What did the scientists do ? 


•What did they find ? 

  Mosquitoes like blood that has certain components.


Choose the answer. 

2. Through the study, scientists found that _____.

A. mosquitoes will die if they drink fake blood

B. mosquitoes like specific blood components 

C. mosquitoes can tell fake blood apart from real blood

D. ATP is tasteless to mosquitoes 


•How does blood taste to humans?


•How does ATP taste to humans?



•Can mosquitoes taste the flavor of ATP?



•What can we do with the findings? 




Choose the answer. 

3. Paragraph 5 is mainly about _____.

A. a way to prevent mosquito bites

B. a way to change the taste of our blood

C. a new drug that can kill mosquitoes

D. a new type of food mosquitoes like to eat 


III. Further reading

Loud music makes it hard for us to focus (集中精力). It seems that mosquitoes feel the same way.

In a study, scientists played loud music inside a cage (笼子) of hungry mosquitoes. At the same time, other mosquitoes were kept in a quiet cage. A hamster (仓鼠) was put in each cage for the mosquitoes to feed on.  

The mosquitoes in the first cage sucked (吸) less blood. They also took longer to start looking for food. 

This study sounds strange, but it might be useful. Mosquitoes spread  diseases (传播疾病) when they feed on people. If the study is correct, people could use loud noise to discourage (阻止) them from feeding and stop the spread of diseases.  


•What did the scientists find? 

  Loud music might stop mosquitoes from biting us.


•How do mosquitoes act when hearing loud music?

  They suck less blood and take longer to start looking for food.


IV. Post reading 

•Group activity 

  How can these studies help us protect ourselves from mosquitoes? Come up with your own ways to protect yourself. 

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