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初一教案 第715期



What life is like up north (P4-5)

Warm up

Do you know what animals these are?

Where do they live?

Do they have any neighbors?



China is in the northern hemisphere. It is home to many different plants and animals. What can we find if we go even farther north?


Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what this passage will be about.

What is life like  in the Arctic?


Fast reading

Read and answer:

Does the Arctic have only snow and ice?

No, it doesn’t.

Where is the Arctic?

It is on top of Earth.

How many species are there in the Arctic?

More than 21,000 species.


Careful reading

Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

The Arctic is made up of ________ ocean and _______ land.

two-thirds; one-third

The land is in _____ countries, including Russia, _______, Finland and ________.

eight; Canada; the US


What might grow on the tundra?

A. Tall trees.

B. Fruit trees.

C. Low-growing grass.

D. Big flowers.


Why can they grow here?

Because they can grow in very cold temperatures.

True or false:

F  The penguin is the most famous Arctic animal.

T  We can see whales and Arctic foxes in Arctic.       


The animals in the Arctic _____.

A. are easy to find            B. belong to many species

C. can only live in water       D. only eat plants   



What’s the population of the Arctic?

About 4 million.

How many indigenous people are there in the Arctic?

About 400,000.

How long have the indigenous people been in the Arctic?

They have been there for thousands of years.


tooto 太…以至于不能…

Some  differences between the Arctic and Antarctica:


What is the bad news that the scientists brought back?  

What will happen in just a few decades?

What does this mean for us?


Post reading

Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. What do we know about the Arctic, according to the story?

A. It is covered with snow and ice.

B. It is a large ocean.

C. Most of the Arctic is land.

D. Many countries have land in the Arctic.


2. What is life like for indigenous people in the Arctic?

A. They hunt penguins.

B. They dress up like Santa Claus.

C. They grow plants.

D. They herd reindeer.


F   There is only tundra in the Arctic.

F    Roses can grow in the Arctic.

F    It is too cold for people to live in the Arctic.

T    Santa Claus and his reindeer are believed to live in the Arctic.

F     The population of the Arctic is larger than that of Taiyuan.

Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

be home to, the same as, make a living, be different from

1. She thinks that it is easier to ________ in the city.

2. The air in big cities  __________ that in the countryside.

3. The jungle ________ tigers 

4. I am ________ I always was. There is no need to  change.

1. make a living   2. is different from  3. is home to    4. the same as


Post reading

Antarctica is in the southernmost part of the world. It’s the coldest and windiest place in the world - even colder and windier than the North Pole. Very few plants grow there, but some animals live there, including whales, seals and penguins.


Goodbye to mercury (P6)

Warm up

What might be wrong with the boy in this picture?

What is he doing now?



Discuss and predict:

Have you ever used a mercury thermometer to take your temperature?

Why are we getting rid of mercury thermometers?


Fast reading

Read and answer:

What will happen to mercury thermometers? ______________ 



We still stop using them.

It will start in 2026.

The mercury in them is dangerous.

According to the story, why were mercury thermometers widely used?

A. Because they are easy to use.

B. Because they take your body temperature quickly.

C. Because they are cheap to make.

D. Because they are safe to use.


Careful reading

Read the passage and fill in blanks.

Mercury is ______ at room temperature.

Some people put their  thermometers under their _______ to take their temperature.

If the thermometer breaks and the mercury comes out, it can_______ you.

liquid;  tongues;  poison


Is it easy to clean up mercury?

What will mercury do  if a thermometer breaks?

It will turn into liquid balls and evaporate.

Careful reading

Choose the correct answer.

What is the problem with mercury?

A. It might break the thermometer.

B. It is poisonous. 

C. It can cut your tongue.

D. It collects poison from air.



How can mercury harm the environment?

a. It can cause fires.

b. It can poison the soil.

c. It can poison the air.

d. It can poison water.

A. abc     B. acd   

C. abd     D. bcd



Careful reading

How many other body temperature thermometers are there?

Which one can used without touching the body?

Forehead/ear thermometers.


Post reading

Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. What do we know from the first paragraph?

A. Mercury thermometers are part of history.

B. China will stop using mercury thermometers.

C. People can’t take their body temperature with mercury thermometers.

D. China will make more mercury thermometers.



Words in use


1. Let me take your ________(体温).

2. Be careful - it  _____ (打碎) easily.

3. Reading English books is very ______(有用) for our English studies. 

4. The same _______(变化) took place again and again.

temperature; breaks; useful; changes


Post reading

We have many kinds of thermometers. Would you like to compare them and look for their advantages and disadvantages? If you had a chance to design a new type of thermometer, what would you do improve it?


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