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初二教案 第716期





Is anybody out there? (P6)



I. Pre-reading

·Earth - our home

·The universe - vast full of mysteries gives us infinite inspiration


II. While reading

1. look into 观察

  look back at回头看,回顾

  right adv. 正好


Choose the answer:

1. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. There are aliens in outer space.

B. There are over 1,000 stars that directly face Earth.

C. We cannot see any stars without telescopes.

D. There is life on the planets that orbit some stars.


2. not only...but also... 不仅......而且......

  be enough to 足以......

  ones own+n. 某人自己的......


Choose the answer:

2. Life might exist on planets near some of the stars because _____.

A. the stars are similar to our sun

B. the stars are close to Earth

C. we can see the stars without telescopes

D. the stars have similar atmospheres to Earth


  be similar to ……相似

  have similar atmospheres to 有类似的大气层


3. have no idea = don't know 不知道

  start doing sth 开始做某事

  with the help of/借助……的帮助

  turn up 出现,发生


3. To see if there is life on other planets, scientists _____.

A. will send spacecraft to find signs of life

B. will use a telescope to scan for signs of life

C. will scan the atmospheres of the stars

D. will help NASA invent new telescopes


  send sb to do sth /......去做......

  use sth to do sth ............

  help sb do sth 帮助............


4. want to do sth 想做某事

  get in touch with sb……联系,……接触


Choose the answer:

4. What do we know from the last paragraph?

A. It’s important to look for life in space.

B. We need to create a star map for the whole universe.

C. There must be intelligent life in the universe.

D. The stars we’ve discovered might help us find life in space.


  It's+adj.+to do sth ………...

  look for 寻找


III. Further reading

·The pyramids of Egypt

·Crop circles

·Easter Island's silent stone figures in Chile

·Stonehenge in England


IV. Post reading

·The vast universe is full of mysteries

·Have the courage to be curious!







Kids are getting too fat (P2)



I. Pre-reading


  Are some Chinese kids getting too fat? Read on to find out.


II. While reading

1. put on weight 增肥,长胖

  according to... 根据……


Choose the answer:

1. Paragraph 2 is about _____.

A. a recent WHO report

B. the causes of childhood obesity

C. Chinese children’s obesity rate

D. the effects of being too fat


  the causes of ...  …...的原因

  the effects of ...  …...的影响


2. be bad for...  ……有害

  be likely to do sth 有可能做……

  lead to  导致……

  aim to do sth旨在做某事


Choose the answer:

2. The NHC worked out the plan to _____.

A. improve students’ PE scores

B. stop children from getting sick

C. stop children from getting fat

D. encourage children to live happily


  stop ... from doing ... 阻止………...

  encourage ... to do sth 鼓励………...


3. allow sb to do … 允许...去做...

  make sure 确信


Choose the answer:

3. The plan suggests that schools should _____.

A. give children more time to exercise

B. stop children from using electronic devices

C. stop children from eating junk food

D. force obese children to lose weight


  give sb sth 给某人某物

  force sb to do sth 强迫某人做某事



Choose the answer:

4. What is the story mainly about?

A. Chinese people’s health conditions.

B. Why Chinese children love junk food.

C. What Chinese students do during their breaks.

D. Action that China is taking to reduce childhood obesity.


  action 措施、行动


III. Post reading

·Balanced diet!

·More exercise!


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