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初一教案 第717期

12/717  期初一课件


Marching to the beat (P5)

Warm up

What do you know about American football?

Do high school kids in America play football?

What happens before and during American high school football games?


What is a marching band?

Where do they play?

What instruments do they play?

Fast reading

Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what this passage will be about.

Careful reading

Read paragraph 1 and answer:

Why did the writer like fall when he was in school?

Because fall brings the start of marching band and the football season.


Read paragraph 3 and write T (true) or F (false).

T  1. The drums tell the band how fast to play.

T  2. If the drums are fast, the band will march faster.

not only but also 不仅……而且……


Read paragraph 3 and answer.

According to the writer, what is the most important part of a marching band?


Why does he/she think so?

Because he/she played drums and drums decide how fast or slow to play and march.


What might the word “ master” in the last paragraph mean?

A. 工匠

B. 硕士

C. 主人

D. 专家



How does he/ she feel about playing drums in the marching band?

He/she feels proud of it. 


Read and fill in the blanks.

In the US, almost every school has a marching band. Some bands have _____ people while some can have over_____ people. In a marching band, students play their instruments and march in formation on a field. They can form different_____ and ______as they march. Marching bands often ______ _____ each other in big competitions held all over the US.

20;  100;  shapes;   symbols;   compete against


Post reading

Summarize the structure of the passage..

Marching to the beat

An introduction to marching band.

The time, place, music and instruments a marching band plays.

The writer feels proud about playing drums in marching band.



If you could play in a marching band, what instrument would you play? Why?


Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

not only…but also…, as…as…, be good at…, all over…

1. My sister is ____ hard-working ____ a bee.

2. Tom _______ playing basketball.

3. People_____ the world love pandas.

4. She _____ plays the piano well, _____ sings well.

1. as; as   2. is good at   3. all over   4. not only;  but also



How we get stuck (P6)

Warm up

What might've happened to the girl in this picture?

What is she doing now?




Have you ever gotten stuck in a hole or other narrow (狭窄的) place?

How did you get stuck?

How did you get out?


Fast reading

Read and answer:

What is the passage about?

How we can get stuck and

what we should do to get out.


Careful reading

Read Para 1 and answer:

Why do these accidents happen?

Because people think that when they put their head or hand inside a narrow place, they can just pull it out. But this is not always true.


Read Para 3 and fill in the blanks.

Your ______ can even get you stuck.    blood  

You get your  ____stuck in a small hole, your blood get ____ as well.    finger; stuck 

Your finger can gradually _____ ____.   swell up


Read this paragraph and write T (true) or F (false).

F  1. If you get stuck, you can force yourself out.

T  2. If you get stuck, you can ask others for help.


Post reading

Summarize the structure of the passage.

How we get stuck and what should you do if you get stuck

Common ways of getting stuck.

The reasons why people get stuck.

Tips for getting yourself out


Read the passage and choose the best answer.

1. If you get your head stuck in a rail, you will get free by ______.

A. starting with the roundest part of your head

B. starting from your chin

C. checking your blood

D. starting with the smoothest part of your face



2. What are the reasons people get stuck according to the story?

a. The blood in your body.

b. The weight of your bones.

c. The shape of your fat.

d. The shape of your body.

A. ab                     B. bc

C. cd                     D. ad  



3. What question does the story answer?

A. How do you help yourself if you get stuck?

B. What kind of thing is easy to get stuck?

C. Where does your blood go when you get stuck?

D. Why is it easier to get in a place than to get out?



Words in use


1. She ran her ____ (手指) through her hair.

2. There is a calendar on the wall with large ______ (正方形) around each date.

3. If you get stuck, stay _____(镇定的).

4. Dont _____(强迫) yourself out. You might hurt yourself.

1. fingers    2. squares    3. calm    4. force


Post reading


If you had to teach kids how to avoid (避免) getting stuck, what would you tell them?

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