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高二教案 第811期(2)

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Astronomical birthday (P6)
河北师范大学教师教育学院      尚卓

I. Lead-in
Q1: Are you curious about space or aircrafts?
Q2: How much do you know about the International Space Station (ISS)?

II. Pre-reading
Can you guess the content of this passage?  

Tip: Read the first sentence of each paragraph and predict what the article probably talks about.
III. While-reading
Fast reading

1. According to the first four paragraphs, what is one difficulty the ISS is facing?
A. Its unaffordable bills.
B. Its commercial patterns.
C. Its flight cost.
D. Its openness to private citizens.

2. What can we learn from Christian Maender’s words?
A. Modules can’t separate and return through Earth’s atmosphere on their own.
B. Each module has its own unique ability.
C. Modules’ capabilities are deficient.
D. It is hard for each module to perform tasks.

3. What could be a title of this passage?
A. The current situation of the ISS.
B. Controversy on the ISS.
C. The history of the ISS.
D. ISS commercialized.

4. According to the passage, which of the following statements is false?
A. The passage mainly talks about the ISS.
B. The ISS is a milestone in space exploration.
C. It cost a lot of money and time to build.
D. The ISS doesn’t need any changes.

Keys: 1-4 ABAD
IV. While-reading

1. Use your scanning skills to fill in the blank.

V. Summary and homework
What have you learned in today’s lesson?
Could you summarize it in your own words?

Make a poster for the ISS with the aim of interesting people in space exploration. In this poster, you can add anything that you want to propagandize(宣传)on the basis of your knowledge.
VI. Language focus
Find the following expressions in the article.

1. mark
2. anniversary
3. project
4. Accommodate
5. It is announced that
6. annually
7. allow sb to do sth
8. predictable
9. separate
10. atmosphere
11. leak
12. design to
13. populated
14. entry
15. module
16. manufacture
17. navigation
18. director
19. continue
20. launch

1. 纪念,标志
2. 纪念日
3. 项目
4. 为……提供场所
5. 据宣布
6. 每年地
7. 允许某人做某事
8. 可以预测的
9. 分离,独立
10. 氛围;大气层
11. 泄露
12. 旨在,意为
13. 人口密集的
14. 进入
15. 模块
16. 制造
17. 航行
18. 主任;主管
19. 继续
20. 发射

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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