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初一教案 第718期



Stick with 'real' friends(P5)

Warm up

Who are your real friends?

What are your standards (标准)for making friends?

What characteristics (品质) should a real friend have?



When was the Sui dynasty ?

When was the Tang dynasty?


Fast reading

When was the Sui dynasty ?

When was the Tang dynasty?


Careful reading

Read paragraph 1 and answer:

What was Pei Ju like during the two dynasties?

He was a dishonest official during the Sui Dynasty, but a loyal one during the Tang Dynasty.

dishonest VS loyal


Read paragraph 2 and write T(true) or F (false) .

 Pei Ju often said things that would make Emperor Yangdi happy.  T

 He disagreed with the emperor’s ideas because he knew they might be wrong.  F

 He suggested fighting many wars because he knew the emperor liked fighting.  T


Read paragraph 3 and answer :

What did Pei Ju do during the Tang dynasty?

He didn’t flatter Emperor Taizong, but instead spoke out against his wrongs. He helped the emperor make the right decisions.


Careful reading

Read paragraph 4 and answer:

1. Did Pei change himself?


2. What made the difference?

Emperor Yangdi hated criticism, but Emperor Taizong loved to hear frank suggestions. That made the difference. 


Summarize the structure of the passage.

Para1     An introduction to Pei Ju.

Para 2&3  The ways Pei Ju served Emperor Yangdi and Emperor Taizong.

Para 4     The real difference was because the two emperors had different preferences.

1. According to Xie Cun, what can we learn from the story?

Our environment makes a big difference. 

2. What else does the story tell us?

Only those who want to hear criticism can learn from it. 

3. What should government officials be like?

They should be open-minded and welcome frank suggestions. 


Read and discuss:

What kinds of friends do you want to have? Why?


Post reading

Read the passage and choose the best answer.

1. Which word is closest in meaning to the word “loyal” in Paragraph 1?

A. official

B. lovely

C. honest

D. worse



2. What was Pei Ju’s attitude toward Emperor Yang?

A. He often disagreed with him.

B. He believed Yang would not live for a long time.

C. He thought Yang was a good emperor.

D. He always followed Emperor Yang’s opinion.



3. Why did Pei change during the Tang dynasty?

A. He wanted to be a better person.

B. The Tang emperor preferred frank advice.

C. It was not easy to flatter the Tang emperor.

D. The Tang emperor faced more difficulties.



4. Which of the following might Xie Cun agree with?

A. Pei has set a good example for us.

B. Flattery is important for making friends.

C. We should trim our sails to the wind.

D. A good environment makes a big difference.



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

work for…, make a difference, learn from

1. Tom’s father ____ ____ a computer company.

2. It is important to try and _______experience.

3. There are things we can do right now that will_____.

1. works for    2. learn from    3. make a difference


Best way to say 'hey' (P6)

Warm up

What is the girl doing in this picture?

Why isn't she sending a text instead?




When you get in touch with your old friends, do you send a text or make a phone call? Why?


Fast reading

Read and answer:

What is the passage about?

The best way to get in touch with friends.


Careful reading

Read Para 1 and answer:

How should you get in touch with friends? Why?

We should call instead of sending a text.

Because calling makes us feel more connected to our friends.


In Paragraph 2, what did people think about making a phone call?

A. They didn’t want to connect with an old friend.

B. They thought calling is better than emailing.

C. They thought hearing someone’s voice is good.

D. They thought calling someone might be strange.


Read Para 3 and choose:

Why do people prefer to send texts?

A. It can make them feel connected.

B. They can show their true meaning.

C. They can prepare the text before they send it.

D. They can control others’ thoughts.



Read Para 4 and write T (true) or F (false).

1. Texting makes it easy to understand the true meaning of a conversation.   F

2. When you send a text, you have to think about the possible meanings behind the words, as well as the punctuation.  T


Post reading

Summarize the structure of the passage.

Best way to say 'hey’


Read the passage and choose the best answer.

1. If you call an old friend, your friend might _____.

A. overthink what you say

B. feel like you’re interrupting them

C. not be able to understand you

D. feel glad to hear your voice



2. What is the story mainly about?

A. Why people like to send texts.

B. How to connect with old friends.

C. Why it is better to call than text.

D. How to get your friends to remember you.



Read the passage and answer:

What is the writer’s opinion about getting in  touch with friends? Does he or she think you should text them or call them?

Call them.


Words in use


1. Im trying to __________   (联系) Jane. Do you have her number?

2. Mary ____  (发送) me a note thanking me for dinner.

3. I _____ (建议) that you ask him some specific questions about his past.

4. Mary ____ (发信息) me when she got home.

1. get in touch with   2. sent    3. suggest   4. texted


Post reading

Long time no see? Make a phone call!


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