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高二教案 第812期(1)

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Deep diving exploration (P4)
邯郸市第一中学   张蕴

Activity 1 Warm-up
Does the ocean appeal to you? What do you usually do to get a glimpse of the vast ocean?



go diving

How about gathering your equipment needed when the night curtain falls and going diving at night?

blackwater diving
• You will encounter loads of fascinating ocean creatures!

Activity 2 Brainstorming and skimming
Are you curious about this activity? What aspects about it do you know from the passage?

Activity 3  Reading and thinking

Each of Zhang’s underwater photographs has a “wow” factor. But the story behind each photo adds more emotional value to the work itself.

• 1. What's the function of the sentence?
• It serves as a connecting link between the “‘wow’ factor” and the “emotional value”.

• 2. Can you find another sentence that has the same function in the passage?
• While the underwater world may seem fascinating, it’s not always a fairy tale.

Tip 1: A proper connecting link can make the article coherent and readers can make use of it to better understand the logic of the article.

• What are the functions of remarks quoted in the passage?
• (1) to back up the general statement, serving as an example or offering some detailed information
• (2) to make the statement more believable and the article more engaging

Tip 2: If a certain statement is not easy to understand, readers should continue their reading and are likely to get a clue from the following remarks.  

Activity 4   Learning the language

Learn the sentence structure.

•1. Blackwater diving involves photographing small, free-floating ocean creatures that move up to the ocean’s surface after dark or in any area where there is seemingly no bottom.
• 2. Diving into the depths of the ocean makes me feel like I’m floating in infinite space with luminous ocean creatures shining like stars.
• 3. “It is like meeting an old neighbor,” the 35-year-old photographer recalled, speaking of the touching moment when he returned to a location after a long time only to see the fish he previously photographed still there.

In the article, various expressions are used to convey the appeal of the ocean. Can you spot them?

• 1. The experience is amazing (P4)
• 2. charming sea turtles (P5)
• 3. Each of Zhang’s underwater photographs has a “wow” factor. (P5)
• 4. the underwater world may seem fascinating (P7)
• 5. What fascinated him most is that ... (P9)

Activity 4 Expressions
· put their cameras away;
· date back to;
· attract his subjects;
· glowing jellyfish;
· a “wow” factor;
· encounter many dangerous moments;
· witness big and small changes in the ocean;
· are among the first indicators;
· It is heartbreaking;
· act as a wake-up call;
· raise awareness on ocean conservation;

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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