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初一教案 第719期



Push to the limit (P4)

Warm up

Have you ever broken any records?

Do you know anyone who has broken a world record?

What is the most famous world record?


How often is Guinness World Records Day held ?

What do people do on this day?

Fast reading

Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what this passage will be about.

Careful reading

push v. 推动;逼迫

limit n. 限制,限度,界限

Read paragraphs 1-3 and answer:

When was Happy Guinness World Records Day held this year?

It was on November 18 this year.

What were the records like this year?

Some of the records were cool, some were fun but also a little strange, others were interesting.


Read and write T (true) or F (false) .

T  Rees did 13 more magic tricks than the original record.

F  The only reason Rees did the underwater magic tricks was to beat his fear of being underwater.

T  He suggested people that people should go for their goals and push themselves.


fear   n. 害怕,恐惧


Read and fill in the table:

Information about Ren Keyu

Reason: a lot of people in his family are tall.

Read and answer:

1. How old is You Dexin?

He is 105 years old. 

2. How high did You fly in the sky?

780 meters. 

3. What world record did You set?

He became the oldest person to tandem paraglide. 



What can we learn from these three Guinness World Record holders?

Do you want to break a Guinness World Record?

How can you apply for a world record?


Summarize the structure of the passage..

Push to the limit

Part 1 An introduction to this year’s Guinness World Records.

Part 2 Three stories behind this year’s records.

Part 3 How to apply for a world record.


Post reading

Read the passage and choose the best answer.

1. What do we know about the Guinness World Records?

A. People celebrate it on Nov 18 each year.

B. Most of the records are strange and interesting.

C. Many people break records every year.

D. Most of the record-breakers come from Asia.


2. Why did Rees choose to break a record underwater?

A. Because he wanted to show children how to stay underwater.

B. Because he wanted to get over his fear.

C. Because he likes doing magic tricks underwater.

D. Because he is good at swimming.


3. What does Ren Keyu think about his height?

A. It makes him feel very sick.

B. He is as tall as a primary school student.

C. His height comes from his family.

D. Being tall is good for his grades.


4. What record did You Dexin break?

A. He lived to be older than anyone in human history.

B. He was the oldest person to paraglide.

C. He flew higher than anyone else.

D. He was the first man to paraglide.


Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

break records, think about, take off

1. The goal of an excellent athlete is not only to win, but also to _____ old ____.

2. The accident happened as the jet was about to ____.

3. Don't rush me. I need time to _______it.

1. break; record    2. take off  3. think about


Post reading

Want to break a world record?

Work hard and apply for it!


Off we go to the moon (P6)

Warm up

What activities have people done on the moon?

land on the moon 登月

lunar probe   月球探测器




What activities has China done on the moon?


Fast reading

Read and choose:

Where can you read this passage in the newspaper?

A. In the sports section.

B. In the story section.

C. In the news section.

D. In the entertainment(娱乐) section.



Read Para 1 and answer:

What is this story about?

China made history by starting the world’s first lunar return mission.

How long will the mission last?

It will last about 23 days.


Careful reading

Read Para 2 and write T (true) or F (false) .

1. The Chang’ e 5 probe will bring soil, rocks and water from the moon back to Earth.   F

2. The last lunar sample return mission was more than 40 years ago.    T


Read Para 3 and choose:

What makes the Chang’e 5 mission different from those in the past?

A. It has a better return cabin.

B. It can get more kinds of samples.

C. It needs more fuel.

D. It can take heavier samples back.



Read Para 4 and choose:

What do we know about the Ocean of Storms?

A. It is the youngest place on the moon.

B. It is the part of the moon we can see from Earth.

C. It’s most likely to have water.

D. Many countries have landed their probes there.



Post reading

Summarize the structure of the passage.

Off we go to the moon









Read the passage and choose the best answer.

1. What do we know about the Chang’e 5 mission?

A. Chang’e 5 is a carrier rocket.

B. Chang’e 5 was made in Hainan province.

C. The mission started 44 years ago.

D. The mission will last over three weeks.



2. What will Chang’e 5 do on the moon?

A. Find out if there is water on the moon.

B. Carry soil samples from Earth to the moon.

C. Take back soil and rock samples from the moon.

D. Bring the former Soviet Union’s Luna 24 probe back.



Post reading

Want to learn more about the moon?

Look for more info about the Chang’e lunar missions!


Words in use


1. The $80 million ____(月球的) spacecraft has had other problems.

2. The scientist said this ____(任务) has been planned for many years, but he is not sure when it will start.

3. Are you angry with me for some ____(原因) ?

4. Were giving away 2,000 free ______(样品).

1. lunar   2. mission   3. reason   4. samples

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