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初一教案 第721期



Let music give you strength (4-5)

Warm up

What kind of music do you like best?

Why do you like it?



Do you know the person in this picture?

What is he famous for?


Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what this passage will be about.

How can music give us strength?


Look through and answer:

Who wrote the musical phrase “Da-da-da-daaaaah!”?

Ludwig van Beethoven.

Where was Beethoven born?


When did he start to lose his hearing?

In his 20s.


Careful reading

Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

Da-da-da daaaaah!” is ____ and full of ____.

This year is the ____ anniversary of Beethoven’s birth.

Symphony No 5 is also known as _______.

strong; power; 250th; Fate.


Answer the question:

How are Beethoven’s works rich?

They are rich in emotion.


Choose the best answer: What made Beethoven’s music rich in emotion?

A. He couldn’t see well in his 20s.

B. He had good hearing.

C. He had many friends.

D. He experienced a lot of pain.



Choose the best answer:

Symphony No 5 shows that Beethoven _____.

A. loved the darkness in his life

B. played drums well

C. had the power to face difficulties

D. wanted a different life



True or False:

All teenagers like Beethoven’s music.  F

It’s hard for some people to understand classical music.  T

Fate can give people strength.  T

Su Tianyu’s favorite piece is Fate.  F


When and how did she learn about Beethoven?

What did she find touching about him?

What do her classmates think about Beethoven?

Why does she like Fate best?

Because it is about his hard life.


Symphony No 5:

was sent into outer space by the US Voyager probes in 1977


Symphony No 9:

Ode to Joy is the anthem of the EU

uses choral parts


Post reading

Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. What do we know about Beethoven?

A. He lived for 43 years.

B. He was a famous musician.

C. He was a British man.

D. He lived a happy life.



Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

2. Which of the following might the writer agree with?

A. Anger and grief are good for people.

B. One should take everything as it comes.

C. Most people want to live a life like Beethoven’s.

D. Beethoven’s music can give people strength.



Words in use


1. Her story ______(触动) us all deeply.

2. We will be having a meeting to _____ (决定) what to do.

3. Students were ______(感动) moved to tears at the exciting scenes.  

4. There is a great sense of team _______(精神) among Olympic athletes.

1. touched   2. decide   3. moved    4. spirit


Post reading

Music is something that accompanies all of us throughout our lives. As children, we are taught songs by our parents and teachers as a means of leaning language or simply as a form of enjoyment.


Improving our skin (P6)

Warm up

Have you ever hurt your skin?

How did you take care of it?



Discuss and predict:

Can our skin heal itself?

How can we improve our skin?


Fast reading

Fill in blanks:

Our skin is _____, but it’s also very  ____.

____________ made the new “e-skin”.

The sensors in the new e-skin can respond in ____________.

soft; tough; Scientists from Saudi Arabia; less than 0.1 seconds.


True or false:

Our skin can heal itself.  T

The new e-skin is exactly the same as our skin.   F

The new kind of skin is as soft as our skin.      F


Careful reading

Answer questions:

Is e-skin new?

What is e-skin used for?

Why do other kinds of e-skin break easily

Because they are not very stretchy.


Choose the correct answer.

What is Paragraph 3 mainly about?

A. What the new e-skin is made from.

B. How to make the new e-skin yourself.

C. How scientists made new and improved e-skin.

D. What makes the new e-skin stretchy.



Reading Comprehension.  True or false.

T  The e-skin can heal itself more than 5,000 times.

F  All kinds of e-skin are as sensitive as real skin.

T  The new e-skin can take someone’s blood pressure.

F  Scientists have used the new e-skin to make robots, aircraft and even furniture.


Post reading

Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. How is the new e-skin improved?

A. It can repair real skin.

B. It won’t break as easily.

C. It can be used as real skin.

D. It is cheaper to make.



2. What can we do with e-skin now?

A. Lower our blood pressure.

B. Make soft robots.

C. Improve the use of furniture.

D. Collect medical information.



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

more than, over time, such as,  as new as

1. Table manners change ________. They follow changes in society.

2. My bike is __________ yours.

3. They offer advice on topics _________home safety.  

4. The total cost of the project would be _________ $240 million.

1. over time    2. as new as   3. such as   4. more than


Post reading

As science and technology develop, more inventions will be used to improve our lives. Which inventions have improved your life? Do some research and tell us about one of them.

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