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高一教案 第815期(2)

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Seeking solitude (P4-5) 
邯郸市第一中学  李松 
Lead-in  Do you like spending time with people, or do you prefer being alone? Why or why not? 


Pre-reading Read the title and paragraph 1 and answer the following questions.     
Seeking solitude  
Many of us have been taught to be social and make friends since we were kids. Being alone, by contrast, is often thought of as a negative state of being. But is that really the case?  
Q1. What is the possible meaning of the word “solitude”?     The state of being alone.  Q2. What do you think the article is probably about?     Being alone may not be as bad as people think. Many people may prefer being alone.   Fast reading 
Read the whole text and answer the following questions. 
Q3. What is the text type of this passage?______      A. narrative   B. persuasive  C. expository  
Q4. How many parts are there in this text and what do you think each part focuses on?        
One possible answer:   

Close reading  
1. What do you think the result of the recent survey done by China Youth Daily implies? 
  The result of the survey implies that China's young people don't see living alone as negative. Instead, they enjoy solitude.  2. Do you agree with the idea that living alone means becoming lonely?
  I don't agree. Being alone does not necessarily mean you are lonely, as long as one can make full use of their time–reading, working out or doing anything that benefits himself/herself.  3. What is the writer's opinion on this issue?
  Living alone doesn't mean you have to feel lonely–in fact, it can be beneficial.  4. How does the writer support her idea?
  She uses her own experience to support her point of view.  5. How did the writer find friends with similar hobbies while living alone in Beijing?
  She used social media. She cooked and shared the dishes on her WeChat Moments, which allowed her to interact with friends.  6. Why does the writer want to enjoy solitude?
  Because that way she can put herself first. She can live her life freely and comfortably, without accepting something that she doesn't really want.  7. How can one be alone without feeling lonely according to the writer?
  One has to accept oneself as good company.  8. How do you understand the quote in the last paragraph?   People tend to yield easily to generally accepted views. Standing up for one's ideas and living one's life in one's own way takes great courage.

Reading for Structure    

Reading for language 
1. Words and expressions alone by contrast a negative state of being case claim beneficial pandemic interact with cut off social expectations 
adv. 独自地;单独地 相比之下;与之相比 消极的存在状态 情况 声称 adj. 有益的,有利的 n. (全国或全球性)流行病,瘟疫 与……相互作用 隔绝 社会期望 

2. Sentences 
    Earlier this year, the reality show Not a Loner, which shows celebrities enjoying living alone, struck a chord with many Chinese youths. 本句中which引导一个__________.  翻译:  Key: 非限定性定语从句 翻译:今年早些时候,一档真人秀节目《看我的生活》引起了许多中国年轻人的共鸣,该节目展示了明星们享受独居的乐趣。 
    So I rolled up my sleeves, cooked for myself and often shared the dishes on my WeChat Moments. This allowed me to interact with friends who love cooking or enjoy particular dishes.  翻译: 所以我挽起袖子,自己做饭,并经常在微信的时候分享这些菜。这让我可以和喜欢烹饪或喜欢特定菜肴的朋友们互动。  改写:使用which引导的非限定性定语从句 So I rolled up my sleeves, cooked for myself and often shared the dishes on my WeChat Moments, which allowed me to interact with friends who love cooking or enjoy particular dishes. 

Critical thinking
 Here are some quotes found on the internet about being alone. Which of them impresses you most? 
Can you share some of your opinions about being alone?  Don't forget to use examples or personal experiences to support your ideas. 

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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