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初一教案 第722期

There is always a way (P5)

Warm up

Where do you read?

Why do you read?

How do you read?

How has reading helped you?



What are the people doing in this picture?

How are they doing it?

Do you know the Chinese idiom shown in the picture?


Fast reading

Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what the passage will be about.


Careful reading

Read paragraph 1--2 and answer:

1. Could Che Yin’s family afford lamp oil when he was young?

No, they couldn’t.

2. How did Che Yin read during summer nights?

He caught some fireflies in a bag and hung the bag up as a lamp. It helped him read during summer nights.


Read and write T (true) or F (false) .

One summer night, Sun used up his lamp oil and couldn’t study.  F

Sun used reflected light to read.   T

Even though it was cold at night, Sun continued reading.  T


Read and answer:

1. What did they do when they grew up?

They became successful government officials. 


2. What did they have in common?

They worked hard. 


be touched by ... 被……感动;

turn into 把……变成……


1. In the past, did people have a harder or easier time studying than we do?

2. Why are there so many sayings and idioms that encourage people to study hard?

3. What is Xie Cuns attitude(态度) toward the stories behind the sayings?


stop sb. from doing sth.



1. In the past, did people have a harder or easier time studying than we do?

They had a harder time.

2. Why are there so many sayings and idioms that encourage people to study hard?

Because knowledge has the power to change lives.

3. What is Xie Cuns attitude (态度) toward the stories behind the sayings?

Although the stories behind them are old, they can still remind us to work hard.


Post reading


What does the passage want to tell us?

What other idioms do you know about studying?

How will you improve your own studies?


Where there is a will, there is a way!


Read the passage and choose the best answer.

Choose the answer:

1. How did Che Yin read on summer nights?

A. He read outside of his house.

B. He put a lamp in a bag.

C. He used a bag of fireflies as a light.

D. He put fireflies in lamp oil.



2. What does the phrase “used up” mean in Paragraph 3?

A. handed out

B. gave out

C. made up with

D. ran out of



3. Why did Sun Kang read in the snow?

A. Because he thought the snow looked beautiful.

B. Because he could use the moon’s reflected light to read.

C. Because he thought the cold could clear his mind.

D. Because he was not afraid of the cold weather.



4. What can we learn from the idiom nangying yingxue?

A. We should try to become government officials.

B. People from poor families are smarter.

C. We should always find a way to study.

D. Studying at night is good for learning.



Get some sun to cheer up (P6)



What might've caused his depression?

What can help him cure (治疗) his depression?


Fast reading

Read and answer:

What is the best way to stay cheerful during winter?

Get more sunlight

cheer sb. up 



Careful reading

Read Para 1 and answer:

What is winter depression also called ?

It’s also called seasonal affective disorder(SAD).


What are the symptoms(症状) of SAD?

People feel down more often during the winter.


Read Para 2 and write T (true) or F (false) .

T   During winter, it’s more common for people to feel depressed.

F   As the days get colder and longer, you might feel more tired, sleepy and even hopeless.


Read Para 3 and choose:

What might cause SAD, according to scientists?

A. Stressful times in life.

B. Getting more sunlight.

C. Hormone changes.

D. Having less melatonin.



How can people deal with SAD?

A. Stay away from the sun.

B. Take a walk at night.

C. Turn on lamps at home.

D. Get more sunlight.



Post reading

1. When is SAD more common?

A. In March.

B. In May.

C. In August.

D. In December.



2. If you get SAD, you might _____.

A. become more angry

B. get tired more easily

C. stay clear-minded at night

D. feel too excited at times



Post reading

Do you feel depressed during winter?

Get some sunshine to cheer up!


Words in use


1. People eat when they are________(沮丧的).

2. Smoking is the biggest preventable ____(原因)  of death.

3. This is the way he _________(处理) his problems.

4. She is a very ______(特别的) friend.

1. depressed   2. cause   3. deals with   4. special



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