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初二教案 第723期





Tai chi balances our bodies (P4-5)



I. Pre-reading

Watch the video and answer the questions.

1. What is tai chi?

2. Do you like doing tai chi? How is it good for your body? 


II. While reading

1.Tai chi is about kicking, punching and fighting. (F)

2. How can we describe tai chi?

  Tai chi is slow, calm and peaceful.


1.Tai chi is only popular in China. (F)

2.What is the most recent news about tai chi?

  It was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List.


1. People do tai chi as a way to stay fit.

2. People can practice tai chi almost anytime and anywhere.

3. How does practicing tai chi help people physically?

  It helps people have better control of their bodies.


1.What does Marleni Calcina think about tai chi?

  Tai chi is not only a sport, but also a way of life.

2.What did Marleni Calcina learn from tai chi?

  Tai chi taught her the value of living more slowly.


·Marleni Calcina gains peace and inner harmony.

·Practicing tai chi is like speaking with her soul.


Read the sentences and mark them true (T) or false (F).

1. You need to stretch a lot when you practice tai chi. (F)

2. If you practice tai chi for a long time, it can help you control your body better. (T)

3. Marleni Calcina changed her life by doing tai chi. (T)


III. Further reading

Read the passage and answer the questions.

            Every morning, millions of people in China do tai chi. It is popular with women and men. Tai chi is a good kind of exercise for old people. It is good for the body and for the mind. It is healthy and relaxing. Tai chi is from China. It is hundreds of years old. Tai chi is a "soft" martial art(武术. That means it is slow and calm.

            There are also "hard" martial arts. Shaolin kung fu, for example, is a hard martial art. It is fast and dangerous. You have to be very fit and strong to do hard martial arts. In Beijing, Master Li Yu is teaching Shaolin kung fu to 30 young students, three of whom come from abroad. "Shaolin kung fu is difficult,“Li said. "You must practice every move many times."

            Sports like football and basketball are also popular in China. But martial arts like tai chi and kung fu are part of Chinese culture and history.


1. How many types of martial arts does this passage tell us about?

  Two.Tai chi and Shaolin kung fu.

2. What is Master Li Yu teaching?

  Shaolin kung fu.

3. What can you do if you are very strong and fit?

  You can do hard martial arts like Shaolin kung fu.


IV. Post reading

            Which do you prefer - tai chi or Shaolin kung fu? What sports do you play to stay fit?







Moon rocks are here (P6)



I. Pre-reading

·What did the Chang’e 5 lunar probe bring back from the lunar?


II. While reading

1. What was the main task of the Chang’e 5 mission?

  To bring back lunar samples.

2. What are the lunar samples?

  1.7 kg of lunar rocks and soil.


·What do the new samples mean?

  They mean a new start for lunar research and space exploration.


1. What was the main task of the Chang’e 5 mission?

A. To bring back lunar samples.

B. To visit the far side of the moon.

C. To send a lunar probe to the moon.

D. To send samples to the moon.


2. China’s samples are _____ than the samples the US took.

A. less                       

B. more

C. younger               

D. older


1. China’s samples are younger than the samples the US took.

2. It’s the first time for scientists to get samples from Mons Rumker. (T)

3. Scientists can study the entire history of volcanic activity on the moon. (F)


3. With the lunar samples, Chinese scientists can _____.

a. learn about late-stage volcanic activity on moon

b. shape a full picture of the moon’s early years

c. study the history of the whole solar system

d. accurately date planets in the solar system

A. abc          B. abd         C. acd         D. bcd


·What can we get from dating lunar samples?

  We can know the accurate ages for the moon and other planets in the solar system.


·What can Chinese scientists do with the lunar samples?

1. Learn about late-stage volcanic activity on moon.

2. Study the history of the whole solar system.

3. Check the amount of radioisotopes in the samples.

4. Accurately date planets in the solar system.


Read the sentences and mark them true (T) or false (F).

1. The Chang’e 5 lunar probe returned with rocks and water. (F)

2. Samples that were taken by the US previously are all more than two billion years old. (F)

3. Scientists are now able to study late-stage volcanic activity on the moon. (T)

4. We can only learn the accurate age of the moon by dating lunar samples. (F)


III. Further reading

            China says the launch of its first lunar probe Chang ’e 1 is just around the corner (即将到来). Chinese scientists made the announcement (宣告) on Wednesday, saying the satellite would be launched in the second half of this year.           Since China announced the project in 2004, the country’s first lunar exploration project has drawn world-wide attention (引起全世界的广泛关注). Now, China’s space scientists say the satellite is ready for lift-off (发射).

            “Preparations for the satellite, rocket, ground control and data reception are ready for the mission. We will be able to launch the probe in the second half of this year,” said Ouyang Ziyuan, chief scientist of China’s lunar exploration project.

            The probe’s operational orbit has already been chosen. Chang ’e 1 is scheduled to (预定在...时间做某事) enter the moon’s orbit after a nearly 400,000-kilometer journey in spaceA committee (委员会) of over 100 space experts has also been established (成立) for the project. The scientists have agreed to share the data sent back by Chang ’e 1. 

            “We will make a 3D map of the moon and research the distribution of lunar elements, lunar soil thickness and the moon’s surface environment,” Ouyang addedOuyang said Chang’e 1 will be carried by a long march A3 carrier rocket for its launch. The launch is scheduled to take place at the Xi’chang satellite launch center.


·What did the scientists need to prepare for the lunar mission?

  The satellite, rocket, ground control and data reception.


·The scientists will share the data sent back by Chang’e 1. (T)


1. When did China announce the project?      

  In 2004.

2. How long did Chang’e 1 travel before it entered the moon’s orbit?

  400,000 kilometers

3. What will Chang’e 1 do?

  It will make a 3D map of the moon and do other research


IV. Post reading

            Make a poster about the Chang’e 5 lunar probe and write about what you think of lunar exploration.



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