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初三教案 第648期(1)

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TEENS 初三20-21年第18期总第648期教案




Meaningful movements (P4)



I. Warm up

Look at the picture:


1. What can you see in the picture?


2. What kind of sport is it?


3. How much do you know about this sport?




II. Pre-reading

Read the title and predict.

1. Why did the writer use “meaningful movements” for the title? Do you agree with this description?


2. Who is this sport suitable for?


tai chi  n.






martial arts





III. While reading

Read the passage and discuss:


1. How many parts can this passage be divided into?


2. What’s the main idea of each part?

Read the passage.

Divide the passage into 3 parts.


Part 1: A brief introduction

Part 2: Tai chi’s health benefits

Part 3: Tai chi’s Philosophy



Tai chi

How popular is it?

* It is a 1. ______ of Chinese culture.

* It is practiced by over 100 million people in more than 2. ______.


3. ______ is it popular?

* It helps you relax and find 4. ______.

* Its movements are never forced, so it is 5. ______ for almost


* It has philosophical ideas behind it. For example, the idea of using 6. ______ to beat hardness.

* It focuses on harmony between yin and yang and teaches people to keep a healthy 7. ______.


What is new about it?

It was recently 8. ______ to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.


1. symbol  2. 150 countries  3. Why   4. inner peace  5. suitable  6. softness  7. balance  8. added



Language Points

It was recently added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

This is because its movements are never forced - the muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, and the joints (关节) are never fully bent (弯曲的).

It is not used to fight an enemy – it is used to protect yourself.


一般现在时的被动语态  be+done(过去分词)

当主语是第一人称时用 am+done,当主语是第三人称单数是用is+done,当主语是第二人称及一二三人称复数时用are+done



Tai chi performers impressed the whole world.


1.vt. 盖印;强征;传送;给予某人深刻印象

    What impressed him most was their speed.

2.vi. 给人印象

    Russia intends to impress with this military exercise.

3.impression  n. 印象,印记;特征,痕迹

    The real impression is, in the end, given unconsciously, not consciously.



Tai chi has always been a symbol of Chinese culture

a symbol of   ……的象征



a symbol of peace          和平的象征; 象征着和平;

a symbol of Olympic brotherhood    奥林匹克友谊精神的象征

symbol of a unary operation         一元运算符号



The term tai chi comes from Taoism, which states that inaction (无为), as opposed to action, is the solution to problems.

as opposed to 与……截然相反,对照



This exercise develops suppleness as opposed to strength.

I choose to convey beauty as opposed to devastation.


Learn more about the following useful phrases.









a symbol of

around the world

according to

health benefits

inner peace

rather than

be suitable for



IV. Word in use

Complete the sentences using the given words and phrases.

a symbol of         around the world          according to    

rather than           be suitable for


1. They both played the game __________the rules.

2. Why is a pig used ___________saving money?

3. It's healthier to snack on fruit ________chocolate.

4. His ambition is to sail____________.

5. This region seems too dry to _________farming.


V. Post-reading

Discuss with your group members and give a three-minute speech.

Why do people exercise?


Learn to practice tai chi and try to feel its power.


according to

as a symbol of

rather than

around the world

be suitable for



本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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