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高三教案 第736期(2)

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Facing role of genes (P6)
北京中学  李萍

•How much do you know about your genes?
•Are your facial characteristics determined by your genes?
•Which parts of our DNA are linked to facial appearance?
Facing role of genes
What will the passage mainly talk about?
Read for gist 
Read the passage and do the following: 
check whether your predictions are right;
write a short summary of the main idea. 
The passage introduces a study on which parts of our DNA are linked to our facial appearance. 
Read for structure 
Read for detailed information
Read the passage again and then finish the table according to the structure of the passage.
Introduction  But until recently geneticists had very little understanding of which parts of our DNA were linked to our facial appearance.
What the team studied  The team 1. _________ more than 130 chromosomal regions associated with specific aspects of facial shape.
A critical step toward understanding 2.__________________________________. 
How they conducted the study  •Scanned 3. _________________ and analyzed dozesns of shape measurements from their 3D facial images.
•To look at 4. ____________________ between about 7 million genetic markers.
•Points to 5. __________________ on a chromosome.
•The genes around the region then become their 6. _______________.
What the study discovered  •Your 7. ________ is the part that is most influenced by your genes.
•Areas like 8. ____________ showed the fewest genetic associations.
•There is also a high degree of 9. _________ between the genes involved in facial and limb development.
Significance and prediction of the study  •It's 10. _________ that someone takes your DNA and constructs an accurate image of your face.
•Facial features are affected by 11. _____________ as well.
•Still, it can be an invaluable tool in 12. ______________________.

Think and share
1. How does the writer convince us of the results of the research?
2. What does the writer mean by saying “prediction would still be a monstrous challenge”?
3. Why is the discovery an invaluable tool according to the author? Do you agree? Why or why not? 
1. How does the writer convince us of the results of the research?
   By illustrating scientific steps of doing research, using data and quoting experts' words.
2. What does the writer mean by saying “prediction would still be a monstrous challenge”? 
 The writer means that facial features are not only determined by our genes, but other factors such as age, diet, climate and sun exposure also have an effect on our facial characteristics. 
3. Why is the discovery an invaluable tool according to the author?
  Because doctors can create personalized treatment plans in fields like orthodontics or reconstructive surgery. 
Creative writing
Suppose you are a member of the research team. You are asked to write a brief report about your study. Please complete the report based on the following questions: 
1. Why did you carry out the research?
2. What did you study?
3. How did you carry out the research?
4. What did you find in the research?
5. Why do you think your discovery is important?  
Language study
1. This is a critical first step toward understanding how genetics impact our faces.
impact (n.): the powerful effect that sth has on sb/sth 巨大影响;强大作用
e.g. Her speech made a profound impact on everyone.
   Businesses are beginning to feel the full impact of the recession.
impact (v.): to have an effect on sth (对某事物)有影响,有作用
e.g. The company's performance was impacted by the high value of the pound.
2. It points us to a very precise region of DNA on a chromosome.
precise: (1) clear and accurate 准确的;确切的;精确的;明确的
e.g. Can you give a more precise definition of the word?
I can be reasonably precise about the time of the incident.
(2) used to emphasize that sth happens at a particular time or in a particular way (强调时间或方式等)就,恰好 
e.g. We were just talking about her when, at that precise moment, she walked in.
Doctors found it hard to establish the precise nature of her illness.
(3) taking care to be exact and accurate, especially about small details 细致的;精细的;认真的;一丝不苟的 
3. The 130-plus genetic regions that were identified explain less than 10 percent of the variation in facial shape.
variation:  (1) a thing that is different from other things in the same general group 变异的东西;变种;变体 
e.g. This soup is a spicy variation on a traditional favorite.
(2) a change, especially in the amount or level of sth (数量、水平等的)变化,变更,变异 
e.g. Currency exchange rates are always subject to variation.
拓展:vary v. 变化
            various adj. 多种多样的
            variety n. 多样性
4. If some day doctors can use genetics to predict when a child's jaw will hit its growth peak, it will help them decide the best time to intervene. intervene: (1) to become involved in a situation in order to improve or help it 出面;介入 
e.g. She might have been killed if the neighbors hadn't intervened.
(2) to interrupt sb when they are speaking in order to say sth 插嘴;打断(别人的话)
(3) to happen in a way that delays sth or prevents it from happening 阻碍;阻挠;干扰 
e.g. They were planning to get married and then the war intervened. 

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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