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初一教案 第724期



Give some love to the ox (P4-5)

Warm up

The Chinese zodiac, known as shengxiao in Chinese, is based on a 12-year cycle. Each year in the cycle has a different animal sign. Can you name these animals?



Do you know what 2020’s animal was according to the Chinese lunar calendar?

What qualities does this animal stand for?


Predict (预测):

Read the titles and guess what this passage will be about.

Why should we love the ox?


Fast reading

Read this paragraph and fill in the blanks.

Chinese people believe ____will be good.

____ wrote “Cows eat grass, but give milk.”

The ox is a different animal in the _______.

2021; Luxun; West


Careful reading

Read this paragraph and answer questions:

What is 2021, according to Chinese customs?

It is the Year of the Ox.


Why do Chinese people like the ox?

Because the ox stands for many positive qualities in Chinese culture.


to feel certain that sth is true or that sb is telling you the truth



True or False:

F  The ox stands for the spirit of hard work and selfishness.

F  No one thinks the ox is enduring.

T  The ox is our friend.

F  Cows give people milk and help carry things around.



How people show their appreciation:

Well-known: widely or fully known众所周知

Write poems

Paint pictures

Make paper-cuts

Write stories 


to say what sb/sth is like描述,形容

Please translate the following sentence into Chinese:

Cows eat grass, but give milk.



What does the term “laohuangniu” describe?  

It describe those who help others and ask nothing for themselves. 


Careful reading

Do people all over the world like the ox?

What do some people in the West think about bulls?

Please translate this sentence “He is like a bull in a china shop, always knocking things over” into Chinese.



True or false:

F    People eat beef everywhere.

T    Hindus in India don’t kill cows because they think they are holy.

T    In India, cows can walk around freely in big cities.

T    Hindus serve milk to a god.

F    Hindus never drink milk.


In China             The ox stands for the spirit of hard work and selflessness

In the West          Bulls are arrogant, rude, or dangerous.

In India             The cow is holy


Words in use


1. Our team’s success depended on a ______(精神) of cooperation(合作).

2. _____ (相信) me, she's not right for you.

3. Can you ______(描述) describe him to me?  

4. It might be a _______(众所周知) fact, but I didn‘t know it.

1. spirit   2. Believe   3. describe    4. well-known


Post reading

For a long time, there has been a special relationship between humans and the 

12 animals of the zodiac. Chinese people believe that some people have certain characteristics depending on which year they were born in.

What year were you born? What’s your animal?



Top technology for future years (P6)

Warm up

Which of these helps society develop the most?

What can it do for us?



Discuss and predict:

What were some of last year’s biggest technological discoveries?

How might they improve or change our lives?



Look at these pictures. Can you guess what kinds of technology are being used?

What are they used to do?


Fast reading

Fill in blanks:

In this text, we look at new technologies in _____.

They include _____________, _____________, and  ____________.

2020; virtual patients; spatial computing; low-carbon concrete.


True or false:

F   New technology can’t change the way we do things.

F   More new technology was developed in 2020 than in other years.

F   Only new technology can improve our lives.


Careful reading

Answer questions:

What is “in-silico medicine”?

What is “in-silico medicine” used for?

What are these virtual bodies are made by?


They are made by computers.


Choose the correct answer.

Which of the following can spatial computing do?

A. Draw a paper map.

B. Sell unwanted things.

C. Open your front door.

D. Cook meals.



Read and fill in.

_______ is the world’s most widely-used construction material.

 Making concrete is bad for the ________.

_____ can make global warming worse.

Concrete; environment; CO2.


Different ways to make concrete

Traditional way

Solidia’s way

BioMason’s way


Creates a lot of CO2


Post reading

Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. How are virtual patients useful?

a. They allow doctors to work at home.

b. They cost less money.

c. They make medical tests safer.

d. They can change human organs.

A. ab             B. bc  

C. cd                 D. ad



2. What did Solidia do to help the environment?

A. It made a new kind of concrete-like bricks.

B. Its new concrete won’t give out CO2.

C. It cut the amount of CO2 in the air by 30 percent.

D. It found a cleaner way to make concrete.



3. What do we know from the story?

A. It is important to learn about new technology.

B. We should know about the downsides of technology.

C. New technology can be good for people.

D. Robots can’t take the place of humans.



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

turn on, come out, take the place of, be bad for

  1. Choosing not to eat breakfast every morning can ___________ your health.
  2. The truth is beginning to _________ about what happened.
  3. She asked them why they hadn't ______ the lights.
  4. Clean energy will ____________ coal.  

1. be bad for   2. come out   3. turned on   4. take the place of


Post reading

New technology comes out every year. We often benefit from these new technological advances. What kind of technology are you most interested in? Why?



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