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初一教案 第726期



Giving new life (P4-5)

Warm up

Do you have extra things that you don’t need?

What do you do with them?



Do you sell your extra things?

Do you have any second-hand things, such as clothes or books? How did you get them?


Predict (预测):

Read the titles and guess what this passage will be about.

What is the “new life” described in the title?


Fast reading

Read and fill in the blanks.

These days, buying second-hand items is becoming more_______.

Wei Ying is the founder of an online _________ book-trading site.

Minimalism is an art movement that started in the US______________.

popular; second-hand; in the late 1950s


Careful reading

Read this paragraph and answer the questions:

Which of the following can replace “extra” in Para 2?

A. special        B. unwanted

C. bad           D. different


What are more people becoming interested in?



Choose the best answer:

Why might people buy second-hand things?

a. To get hand-made products.

b. To protect the environment.

c. To have a minimalist lifestyle.

d. To save money.

A. ab   B. ac   

C. bd    D. cd



True or false:

T  People can find “extinct” items by shopping second-hand.

F  Everyone likes to buy vintage clothes.

T  Some of these items are 30 or more years old.

T  We can use old goods if they’re still in good condition.


What is minimalism?

What does minimalism focus on?

What do people who live a minimalist lifestyle do?

They cut things down to the basics.


Where do people buy second-hand things online? How much do they buy?


Read this passage and answer questions.

How do second-hand items connect people?

They sometimes pass on history and stories.


What does Yin Weian think about shopping second-hand?

She thinks it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Post reading

Reading Comprehension.

True or False.

F  In recent years, people have bought less than they need.

T  In 2020, the mass of all man-made materials became greater than that of every living thing on Earth.

T  Artists use simple geometric shapes to create minimalist works of art.

F  Minimalism became popular in the 1950s.


Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. Where did minimalism come from?

A. Special geometric shapes.

B. Ordinary American life.

C. An art movement in the US.

D. A worldwide movement.


2. What does the writer want to tell us?

A. How to sell second-hand things.

B. What people can buy in second-hand stores.

C. Where to buy second-hand items.

D. Why second-hand shopping is getting more popular.


Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

as long as, in good condition, instead of , get rid of

1. He shook the blankets vigorously (使劲地) to _________ the dust.

2.It’s important to keep your teeth _____________.

3. ____________ you follow the rules, you’ll be safe. 

4. Will you stay home ________ going out? 

get rid of; in good condition; As long as; instead of


Second-hand goods still maintain some value after being sold, even if they’re a bit used. On the other hand, some items become even more valuable on the second-hand market, especially things like antiques and other items that are no longer made or are one of a kind.


Music from the stars (P6)

Warm up

How do you describe something to someone else? Are there any particular kinds of words you use?

Are some of these descriptions more useful than others?


Fast reading

Fill in blanks:

 NASA scientists have found out what faraway galaxies “_____” like.

Scientists use powerful _________ to “see” things in space.

The projects let different people – including _____ people – learn about space through data.

sound; telescopes; blind


Careful reading

Choose the correct answer.

What does the underlined “them” in Paragraph 2 refer to?

A. Faraway galaxies.

B. Powerful telescopes.

C. Things in space.

D. Waves from faraway galaxies.



Fast reading

True or false:

F  Scientists turned sounds into waves.

T  They turned shorter waves into higher-pitched sounds.

F  They turned longer waves into higher-pitched sounds.


Careful reading

Read and fill in.

____________ of people can wiggle one of their ears.

____________ of people can wiggle both of them.

Many animals turn their ears towards the direction of ____.

Only 22 percent; Less than 18 percent; a sound

Answer questions:

Why don’t we often see moonbows?

What is a famous place to see moonbows in the US?



Post reading

Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. What did scientists do in the new experiment?

A. They created a new galaxy.

B. They sent different sounds into space.

C. They used telescopes to study faraway galaxies.

D. They turned waves from faraway galaxies into sounds.



2. What did scientists use to stand for optical lights?

A. Brass.                        B. Strings.

C. Woodwinds.               D. An orchestra.



3. According to the last paragraph, the project can be _____.

A. useful                        B. difficult

C. Careful                       D. popular



Words in use


1. They have been visited by creatures from outer ______(太空).

2. We decided to begin the _________ (实验) in the evening.

3. Learning a musical ________(乐器) can help us better understand the music we listen to. 

4. How would you explain color to a ____(失明的) person?

space; experiment; instrument; blind


Post reading


The projects we read about allow blind people to learn about space through data. Can we explain other things to blind people in the same way?

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