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初一教案 第727期



Influencing the world (P4-5)

Warm up

What kind of people do you think can change the world? 

Who is the most influential people to the world in your heart?



Do you know the person in this picture?

Can he be named as one of the most influential people this year?


Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess who the story is about.

How do people influence the world?


Fast reading

Read and fill in.

From the passage, we know that Time’s Next 100 Most Influential People includes _________, _____, and _______. 

They influence _________, _____, and more.

Anya Taylor-Joy; Dua Lipa; Li Jiaqi; entertainment; business


Careful reading

Answer the question:

What is the TV series about?

It is about how an American orphan becomes a talented chess player.


Read this paragraph and choose the best answer: 

Who does Taylor-Joy play on The Queen’s Gambit?

A. A movie star.

B. A soccer player.

C. A queen.

D. An American orphan.



Choose the best answer:

Who is Garry Kasparov?

A. A writer.

B. A director.   

C. An actress.

D. A chess champion.



What do we know about Taylor-Joy, according to Garry Kasparov?

A. She is good at playing games.

B. She is a gifted chess player.

C. She is a good actress.

D. She is a chess master.



Who is Li Jiaqi?

What is Li Jiaqi known as?

What does Li Jiaqi sell?

He sells makeup products like lipstick and eye shadow.


Fill in blanks:

Li is a ________ salesman. He studies different ________ and gives ____ on what to buy.

In 2020, Li helped _____ and sell products from _____.

passionate; age groups; advice; promote; Hubei


Careful reading

Choose the best answer:

Why did Dua Lipa stop working as a model?

A. Because she was not beautiful enough.

B. Because she liked music better.

C. Because the job was too hard.

D. Because she didn’t like the way media defines beauty.



Read and answer questions.

What’s the name of her second album?

Future Nostalgia.

When did her second album come out?

In 2020.

What are her songs about?

Many of her songs are about what it’s like to be a woman.


What do other people think?


Post reading

Reading Comprehension. 

True or false.

F Taylor-Joy’s performance was praised by directors.   

T Taylor-Joy read lots of books about chess for the role.

T Li Jiaqi’s charity work helped him win more fans.

F The song Boys Will Be Boys is about the difficulties men often face in their daily lives.


Reading Comprehension. 

Choose the correct answer.

1. What do we know about the Time100 Next list?

A. The list is mainly about entertainment and business leaders.

B. People on the list are national leaders.

C. It is a list of successful businessmen.

D. People on the list have a great influence on the world.



2. What makes Li Jiaqi a successful salesman?

a. He asks for help from his fans.

b. His suggestions are helpful.

c. He loves his job.

d. His charity work won him lots of fans.

A. abc    B. bcd     

C. abd    D. acd



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

be known as, come out, prepare for, with the help of

1. When did her last novel ________?  

2. I read English newspapers ________ a dictionary. 

3. It is _________the most dangerous part of the city.   

4. Is the food _________our guests? 

1. come out  2. with the help of   3. known as   4. prepared of


Post reading

Li Jiaqi also holds a Guinness World Record for “most lipstick applications in 30 seconds” and has appeared alongside many A-list celebrities and news commentators, bridging the gap between traditional media and social media.

Do you know anything else about Time’s most influential people of 2021?  


Masks can do more (P6)

Warm up

Throughout 2020, we had to protect ourselves from COVID-19. There are things that we still have to do every day to stay safe. What are they?



There are many kinds of face masks. They come in many colors and are made of different materials. They protect us from getting sick. What else can they do for us?


Look through and discuss:

What is this passage about?

Why are these masks special?


Fast reading

Fill in blanks:

Face masks became a ________ in 2020. 

Many companies are making new, _______ masks. They include virus-detecting masks, _________ and ________.

must-have; hight-tech; Project Hazel; C-mask


Careful reading

Read and fill in the blanks.

The virus-detecting mask can ____ the coronavirus.

It can react to ______.

It can change ______.

detect; droplets; color


Read and choose.

How does the virus-detecting mask work?

A. By killing viruses in droplets.

B. By detecting germs on your face.

C. By reacting to different sounds.

D. By changing color if it detects the coronavirus.



Careful reading

Read and choose.

What can C-mask do?

A. It can control smartphones. 

B. It can turn people’s speech into text.

C. It can make speech sound clearer.

D. It can teach you nine languages.



Post reading

Reading Comprehension. 

True or False.

F  Virus-detecting masks are widely used now.   

T  The UV light helps Hazel kill germs and makes the mask safer to wear.

F  C-mask can translate speech into seven languages.

T  It is likely that people around the world will keep wearing masks for some time.


Reading Comprehension. 

Choose the correct answer.

1. What makes Hazel safer to wear?

A. A hard case inside the mask.

B. A transparent case.

C. A built-in speaker.

D. A UV light in its case.



2. If you want others to see your facial expressions, you might want to wear _____.

A. Hazel           

B. Virus-detecting masks    

C. C-mask       

D. common masks



Words in use


1. His new novel  is a ____(必需品) for all mystery fans.

2. Every company is fighting to _____ (保护) its own interests. 

3. The company can ______(生产) 10 cars a day.   

4. Can you help me _______(翻译) this letter?

1. must   2. protect   3. produce   4. translate 


Post reading


We just learned about a few different kinds of masks. If you could design a mask yourself, what would it do? Tell us about it.

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