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初一教案 第728期

第28 /728期初一课件


Eating outside in the summer (P5)

Warm up

Do you like to sit outside and eat during the summer?

Why or why not?



Where are they?

Where are they sitting?

What are they doing?


Fast reading

Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what this passage is about.


Predict (预测):

What does this sentence mean?



1. What surprised the writer when he first came to China?

A lot of restaurants had outdoor seating on the sidewalk.

2. What did they eat and drink?

They ate barbecue and drank fresh beer.


1. What is Paragraph 2 mainly about?

Differences between outdoor seating in Chinese restaurants and American restaurants.


2. When and where do Americans usually eat outdoors?

They usually do it in their backyards or when they’re camping.


Read and fill in the blanks.

I would often go out with my friends and spend a whole evening _____ barbecue, ______, and _____.

eating; drinking; chatting


Read and write true or false.

1. People can still eat outdoors.    F

2. Restaurants still have outdoor seating areas.   F

3. The writer has good memories of the past.   T



Eating outside in the summer

Para. 1 In China, a lot of restaurants used to have outdoor seating on the sidewalk.

Para. 2 Differences between outdoor seating in Chinese restaurants and American restaurants.

Para. 3 It was fun and cheaper than going out to “real” restaurants.

Para. 4 The situation has changed since then.


Post reading


Why don’t restaurants in China have outdoor seating anymore?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating outside?


Choose the answer:

1. What do we know about eating outside in the summer?

A. Nobody likes to do it.

B. It is the same in China and in the US.

C. It’s a lot of fun.

D. It is expensive sometimes.



2. What might the writer agree with?

A. Eating outside in the summer is bad for you.

B. It is fun to eat outside.

C. Eating outdoors is common everywhere.

D. Barbecue is not good to eat.



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

common, surprised, spend

1. Tony was quite _____ when he heard the news.

2. Oil pollution is the most _______ cause of death for seabirds.

3. Engineers ______ most of their time coming up with clever solutions.

surprised, common, spend



Days on Earth get shorter (P6)

Warm up

How many days are there in a year?

How many hours are there in a day?



Look at the title. Can you guess why our days are getting shorter?


Fast reading

Read fast and answer:

What is the passage about?


Careful reading

Read and answer:

What are our days like now?

Our days really are getting shorter—just a (very little) bit less than 24 hours.


Read and choose:

What do we know from Paragraph 2?

A. The shortest day in history was in 1960.

B. Days will shorten to less than 23 hours.

C. The year 2020 is the shortest.

D. There will be more short days in 2021.



Read and write T (true) or F (false) .

F  1. The Earth is spinning faster only because of the movement of its core.

T  2. The distribution of mass on Earth changes when glaciers melt.


Read and fill in the blanks.

If Earth keeps spinning faster, we might need to take ___ ____ away from the clock.

one second


Post reading

1. When did Earth start to spin faster?

A. Around 1910.    

B. Around 1970.

C. Around 2020.

D. Around 2021.



2. What is making Earth spin faster?

A. The mass of its core is changing.

B. Its mass is decreasing.

C. Its glaciers are melting.

D. Its oceans are drying up.



Protect the environment, protect Earth!


Words in use


__________is a real problem.


The boat started to ____ around in the water..


But humans too _______.

1. Global warming   2. spin    3. play a part

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