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初一教案 第729期



Cave walls can teach us (P4--5)

Warm up

What kind of building is this?

Where is it located?

What’s inside it?



Where did this painting come from?

What’s in it?

What might we find in other paintings?


Fast reading

Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what this passage will be about.



Read Para 1 and answer the questions:

1. Where are the Mogao Grottoes?

They are in Gansu.

2. What do the Mogao Grottoes have?

They have the world’s best cave art.


Para 2: What’s inside the caves and what we can see in their paintings and sculptures.

Read Para.2 and write T or F.

T   1. There are 735 caves with over 2,000 sculptures and 45,000 square meters of paintings.

F   2. The sculptures and paintings only show the cultures of ancient China.

T   3. We can learn the ancient people’s way of life in farming, eating and even fighting from the                 paintings.


Read and answer the question.

What does the Dunhuang Academy do?

It protects and studies the grottoes and their culture.


Read and answer:

What cultural elements has the Dunhuang Museum used in its stationery and makeup?

It has used elements of Dunhuang culture.


Read and answer.

1. How many methods are used to protect the Mogao Grottoes?


2. What has the academy done to fight sandstorms?  

The academy has planted trees and built fences to fight sandstorms. 

Read and fill in the blanks.

The academy plans to set up _________ to research the grottoes. A_________________will go online around June.  

a national lab;  virtual reality tour system


Post reading


1. What can the cave walls in the Mogao Grottoes teach us?

2. What else can the academy do to teach more people about the Mogao Grottoes?


Read the passage and choose the best answer.

Choose the answer:

1. What do we know from the sculptures and paintings in the Mogao Grottoes?

A. How clothes were made.

B. What kinds of fairies live in China.

C. Where Chinese people came from.

D. How ancient people fought.



2. Which of these can people use to learn about the grottoes?

a. Games.     

b. Videos.

c. Music.

d. Pictures.

A. abc        B. bcd        C. acd        D. abd



3. What did the academy do to fight sandstorms?

A. Cleaned swimming pools.

B. Took down fences.

C. Planted trees.

D. Built new grottoes.



4. How do machines protect the grottoes?

A. They close the tourist center’s doors.

B. They check the temperature in the caves.

C. They keep an eye on people in the caves.

D. They show videos to tourists.



5. What does Su Bomin want to do?

A. Send paintings and sculptures to the world.

B. Share pictures of the grottos online.

C. Teach the world about Dunhuang.

D. Invite more people to the caves in June.



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words and phrases in the box.

reduce, be used to, sculpture

1. The money will _________repair the equipment.

2. He collects modern________.

3. The packets are measured to _____ waste.


Lighter than air (P6)

Warm up

What can we use to fly?



How do airships fly?


Fast reading

Read and predict:

What is the passage mainly about?


Careful reading

Read Paras 1 and 2 and answer:

What is an airship like?

It is like a submarine flying in the sky.

How many people can the airship AS700 carry?



Read Paras 4 and 5; write T (true) or F (false) .

F  1. Airships need a runway and wings.

T  2. If an airship’s engines and operation system fail, it can still land safely.

T  3. The AS700 has large windows for sightseeing.


Post reading

Summarize the structure of the passage.

Lighter than air

Para 1 What an airship is.

Para 2 The airship AS700 and its capacity.

Para 3 The services that the AS700 will provide.

Para 4 The differences between airships and airplanes.

Para 5 The features of the AS700.

Para 6 The history of the airship.

Post reading

1. What do we know about the airship AS700?

A. It was made by China.

B. It had a successful flight.

C. It can fly faster than a plane.

D. It can carry 700 people.



2. According to the story, what might people do with airships?

A. Predict the whether.

B. Do scientific research.

C. Enjoy scenery.

D. Clean the air.



3. Which of the following makes the airship safer?

A. It doesn’t have wings.

B. It is the same as an airplane.

C. It doesn’t need a runway.

D. Its gas is lighter than air.



Want to fly in the sky? Try flying in an airship!


Words in use


1. 它的首次飞行是在四年前。

  Its _________was four years ago.


  The goods were damaged during________.


  It decides when and how to restart the__________.

first flight; transport; operating system


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