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初三教案 第655期(1)

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TEENS 初三20-21学年第37期总第655期教案




Remember great poet Dante (P4)



I. Warm up

1. Do you prefer reading poems or novels? What is your favorite written work?


2. Do you know who Dante is?


3. What do you know about him?



II. Pre-reading

Look at the title and discuss.

1. Who is Dante?


2. Why do people want to remember him?




III. While reading

Part 1

Read the passage and discuss:


1. How many parts can this passage be divided into?


2. What’s the main idea of each part?



Part 1: A brief introduction

Part 2: Characteristics of Dante’s works

Part 3: Dante’s influence


Part 2 Detailed reading

Choose the answer:

1. The first paragraph tells us that _____.

A. Dante was born in 1321

B. Dante was an Italian poet

C. Dante finished his greatest work on March 25

D. the third Dantedi will be celebrated this year



2. What do we know about The Divine Comedy?

A. It was based on one of Dante’s real journeys.

B. It describes the lives of ordinary people in the Middle Ages.

C. It was popular among government officials.

D. It includes reflections on human nature and society.



3. What do we know about the language of Dante’s work?

A. It was used by educated people.

B. It was easy for readers to understand.

C. It was beautiful but not meaningful.

D. It was commonly used in the best writing.



4. What is the last paragraph about?

A. Dante’s talent for writing poems.

B. The translations of Dante’s work.

C. The influence of Dante’s work.

D. Dante’s sources of inspiration.




Part 3 Language points

The poem is divided into three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso.

be divided into    被分成


The themes can be figures, landscapes, flowers, and birds. The techniques used to paint them can be divided into figurative painting and freehand painting.


The physical benefits of exercise can be divided into three parts.



In the poem, Dante meets people who have been punished in different ways for the things they’ve done on Earth.

in different ways 以不同方式;用不同的方法;通过不同的方式


People around the world celebrate the new year in different ways.

Pop songs and rock songs are written in different ways.



Some of these people were based on real government and religious officials who were corrupt.

be based on       根据,以……为基础;建立在……基础上


Your grade will be based on four papers and a final exam.

Should promotions be based on merit or seniority?



The poem makes fun of these people through the use of dark humor, as their punishments often fit their crimes (罪行) in clever ways.

make fun of   取笑,嘲笑


He thinks it's cool to make fun of people.

Since I was afraid that others might make fun of my accent, I refused to speak English in front of the class.



The poem is also beautiful to read, even if you don’t understand it at first.

even if   即使


Even if you have dark skin, you still need protection from the sun.

Even if I had the talent to play tennis, I couldn't take the pressure.


IV. Post-reading

Work with your group members and discuss Dante’s works with them.


How have Dante’s works influenced the world?    



V. Homework

Search for more stories about Dante or his poems and share them with us!

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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