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高一教案 第824期(2)

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Behind the scenes (P4)
邯郸市第一中学     王永仙

I. Warm up
Do you like music?
Who is your favorite musician?
Do you know their life behind the scenes? In what ways?

II. Read for general information
Read the title and subtitles and predict what the article may talk about.

II. Read for general information
Match the famous icons with the information on the right.

III. Read for details
Read the passage again and decide whether the following sentences are true (T) or false (F).
1. In Miss Americana, Swift talks openly about some sensitive topics like her experience with an eating disorder and family issues. 
2. Miss Americana shows how Swift tried to find her own voice and fight against sexism. 
3. After winning her sixth Grammy in March, US singer Billie Eilish, 19, made headlines again. 
4. Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry tracks how Billie Eilish rose to fame. 
5. Mayday Life 3D features music recorded live from 55 cities on four countries for over 4 million audience members during their Life Tour. 




IV. Post reading
1. What problems has Taylor Swift had to face?
She has battled loneliness and the struggle to get her voice heard in a male-dominated field.
2. What made Billie Eilish make headlines again?
Her winning a Grammy for the seventh time. 
3. What could make the film Mayday Life 3D popular according to CCTV6? 
The classic songs heard in Mayday Life 3D bring back memories for the listeners. 
V. Language focus
Find the following expressions in the article. 
1.    忠实粉丝 
2.    占重要地位 
3.    在舞台上 
4.    舞台下 
5.    瞥一眼,看一眼 
6.    被称为 
7.    饮食功能失调症 
8.    登上报纸头条 
9.    悦耳易记的曲调
10.    记录偶像的成名之路
11.    脚踏实地的,接地气儿 
12.    黄金时间 
13.    通过驾照考试 


Sentences:What are the functions of the v-ing phrases?  
•    1. Seeing them on stage is one thing, but how does a fan get to know the real person behind the stage persona (形象)? 
•    2. Let’s take a look at three documentaries highlighting popular musicians.
•    3. After winning her seventh Grammy in March, US singer Billie Eilish, 19, made headlines again. 
•    4. Fans can also see backstage footage (素材) and home video, tracking the icon’s rise to stardom (成名).
•    5. From spending quality time with her parents, to passing her driving test, viewers get a true glimpse into the real life of who Variety calls the “quintessential pop star of the 21st century”.
•    The film links four different stories, with the band members playing five superheroes. 


VI. Further information
Enjoy the trailers for the three documentaries. 

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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