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初一教案 第731期



History under our feet (P4-5)

Warm up

What can we learn from Chinese history?



How can we know what might’ve happened in the past?

Can past history tell us something about how people used to live?


Predict (预测):

Read the titles and guess what this passage will be about.

What is the “history under our feet”?


Fast reading

Read through and fill in.

The Sanxingdui Ruins surprised the world _____.

Here are some new kinds of relics: _____, big wooden box, _____ and ____.

The Sanxingdui Ruins were found ________.

in 1986; zun jars; cong; silk; by accident


Careful reading

Read this paragraph and answer these questions:

How many relics have scientists found in Sanxingdui?

A. More than 1,000.    B. Over 1,500.

C. About 3,000.          D. About 3,200.



Which of these was not found in the Sanxingdui Ruins?

A. Bronzeware. B. Gold masks.  C. Ivory.   D. Trees.



Choose the best answer:

What kind of jars were only for the king of ancient China?

A. Bronze jars.

B. Jars with dragon and ox patterns.

C. Zun jars.

D. Square zun jars.



True or false:

Only the king could use zun jars.  F

Scientists have opened the big wooden box.  F

Cong was also found in Zhejiang province.  T

The silk has turned to black ash.   T


Who found the Sanxingdui Ruins?

A farmer.

When did he find them?

In 1929

What was found then?

Some artifacts.

How many pits did experts find in 1986?



Read through and fill in.

The newest relics were found in_____.

The smallest pit is _____________.

Researchers from 34 universities and research groups began to unearth them in _________.

six pits; 3.5 square meters; October 2020


True or jalse:

T  It’s true that these pits were used for sacrifices.

T  The new relics included divine trees and bronze masks.

F  All of the relics were broken and burned before people buried them.


Read this passage and  answer questions.

When were the Sanxingdui Ruins built?

They were built at the Shang Dynsty.


Sanxingdui is a good example of __________.

Shu civilization.

Choose the best answer:

What do we know from the Sanxingdui relics?

A. How kings were buried during different dynasties.

B. What the culture of the Shu Kingdom was like.

C. Why Chinese civilization started near the Yellow River.

D. Who discovered China first.



Post reading

Reading Comprehension.

Choose the correct answer.

1. Why does Sanxingdui have a relationship with Central China?

A. Because Sanxingdui is near Zhejiang province.

B. Because jade is popular in Central China.

C. Because the Liangzhu ruins are older than Sanxingdui.

D. Because cong was found in both Sanxingdui and Liangzhu.



2. How did people find the Sanxingdui Ruins site?

A. Experts found it on their own.

B. Farmers found two large pits.

C. Experts studied the place first.

D. Farmers found the ruins by accident.



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

date back,  similar to, not only, but also

1. The history of humanity may _________ to the Ice Age (冰川时代). 

2. She speaks English _______ in class, _______ at home. 

3. Their house is very _________ ours, but ours is a bit bigger.

date back; not only; similar to


Post reading

The Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City, which date back 5,300 years, cover an area totaling 14.3 square kilometers in the northwest part of Hangzhou. They are an important representation of early urban civilization, which had rice-cultivating agriculture as its economic foundation.


Wearing a display (P6)

Warm up

What is a display?

What can you do with a display?



What can be used as a digital display?

Can we wear a display just like we wear a coat?


Fast reading

Fill in blanks:

 _____________ can be used as a digital display.

Professor _________ and his team made the new type of cloth.

Professor Peng believes that the new cloth could be used for _________.

A type of cloth; Peng Huisheng; many things


Careful reading

How long did they spend making the digital cloth?

10 years.

What kinds of thread did they use?

They used one kind that can light up and another kind that can conduct electricity.

Fast reading

True or False:

T  The results of the scientists’ work were good.

T  The cloth can be washed in washing machines.

F  The cloth cannot be folded.


Careful reading

Read and fill in .

Researchers collected _________ from people.

Brainwaves were translated into _______.

This can help deaf-mute people ____ to others.

brainwaves; messages; "talk"


Words in use


1. There were no _________(信息) for me at the hotel.

2. They were conversing in German - their only common _________ (语言).

3. These jokes would be far too difficult to ________ (翻译). 

4. She had to ______(选择) between quitting her job or hiring a nanny(保姆).

1. messages   2. language   3. translate   4. choose


Post reading

It takes a long time to develop new technology. Pick one type of technology and do some research on how it was developed. How long did it take?



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