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高二教案 第825期(2)

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Soaring high (P4)
山东省烟台第二中学 赵娜娜
Who is your Chinese sports idol?

Who is the next major Chinese sports icon?

It might be freeskier Gu Ailing. Born in 2003, Gu Ailing is the first Chinese freeskier to win multiple medals at the world championships.

Title prediction: Soaring high
Read the title and predict what the passage is about.

•What kind of sports require someone to soar high?
•Can you think of any deeper meanings of the phrase “soaring high”?

Read the text carefully and answer the following questions.

1. What achievements has Gu made?
2. What incident shows her perseverance (坚持)?
3. What is her goal?
4. Why is participating in the Games important to Gu?

If you want to introduce a celebrity with a promising career, what aspects will you focus on?

good qualities
career prospects
dreams and goals

Reading for details

1. What achievements has Gu made?

In March, the 17-year-old won gold medals in the halfpipe and slopestyle events, as well as a bronze medal during the women’s Big Air event, at the International Ski Federation (FIS) Snowboard and Freeski World Championships in Aspen, US, which made her the first Chinese freeskier to win multiple medals at the world championships.

2. What incident shows her perseverance?

Just a few weeks before the championship, Gu broke her hand. This meant that for the first time, she would be unable to use her poles. While this made the star athlete uncomfortable, she persevered. “Today I was really feeling it. It’s so amazing. I’m really excited to come back and show the world I can ski well even with this,” Gu told FIS after her victory.

3. What is her goal?

“For me personally, my goal is to win Olympic gold. That to me is just representative of excellence in sport; it’s the top achievement undisputedly,” Gu said in an interview on the official website of the International Olympic Committee.

4. Why is participating in the Games important to Gu?

“I am thinking more of the Olympics as a way to bring it [the sport] to other people. Any pressure comes from myself, ... it more just drives me and makes me excited and motivated, and makes me realize how important skiing is to me and how much I want to spread it to others,” Gu told CGTN.

Introduce your Chinese sports idol to us.

Possible version:
In the 1980s, Lang Ping and her volleyball teammates trained relentlessly and made dramatic improvement. In the Beijing Olympics, the US team, led by Lang, was against the Chinese team, led by Lang's former coaching partner and longtime friend, Chen Zhonghe. After Lang's return from the US, she served as head coach for the Chinese women's national volleyball team and led the team to many historic victories.

Language study
1.运动偶像sports icon
2.赢得金牌win gold medals
3.在···飞快上升make a meteoric rise in
4.没有···的迹象  show no signs of
5.变慢slow down
6.对我个人来说for me personally
7.卓越的代表  representative of excellence
8.无可争议地  undisputedly
9.参加participate in
10.把它传递给其他人spread it to others


1.This made her the first Chinese freeskier to win multiple medals at the world championships, according to CGTN.
2.Gu has made a meteoric (流星般的) rise in the sports world, but this didn’t come without challenges.
3. And it seems that Gu is showing no signs of slowing down. She has her eyes on even bigger achievements.
4. For Gu, participating in the Games wouldn’t just be a personal victory, but a way to show her passion for the sport and share it with the world.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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