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高一教案 第826期(2)

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Debating with AI (P6)
吉林毓文中学  赵传彦

I. Lead-in 
Do you know any applications of artificial intelligence (AI)? How do they improve our lives? 

Artificial intelligence has made our daily life more convenient, but can you believe that AI can even debate with human beings?

II. Pre-reading
After reading the title “Debating with AI”, what do you think the article is about?

III. Read and explore
Para 1  Topic: Computers can debate with humans.
Para 2  The introduction of Project Debater.
Para 3-5 The debates between humans and AI. 
Para 6  Comments and prospect.

Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions.
1.    What is the topic sentence of the passage?      
AI researchers are now working on computers that can argue and perhaps even win debates with humans.

2.    How can Project Debater debate with people?
3.    Why was Harish Natarajan chosen to debate with Project Debater?
Because Harish Natarajan is a professional debater who holds the world record for most debate competition victories. 
Debating with him can better reflect the capabilities of Project Debater.

4.    What was the result of the debate? What are strengths and weaknesses of Project Debator in the debates? 
Project Debater’s missteps reveal just how difficult – and how human – argumentation and debate are.

5.    What is meant by the comment “It's much more than that” in the last paragraph?
Here “that” refers to “IBM’s researchers just reproduced a “Deep Blue” to debate”. That means Project Debater has more significance and is not simply a reproduction. Actually, it can help us in many respects. 
For example, lawyers can use Project Debater's information collection technology to help them find relevant cases; 
or they can use Project Debater as a way to simulate a court debate, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, and be confident before they make their argument in court. They can even ask Project Debater to help them prepare relevant statements.
For Chinese students, the traditional way of education lacks training in critical thinking and communication skills. Debate is the best way to train critical thinking and communication skills. With the help of Project Debater, students of all ages can improve their critical thinking and communication skills.

IV. Language study
V. Culture 
Project Debater should have a sense of humor!
"There are many things at stake today, especially for me, but I can't get excited because I don't have blood."
"Just now your speaking speed has reached an amazing 218 words per minute. You don't have to be in such a hurry!" 
                                        ——Project Debater


本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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