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初一教案 第733期(1)

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Shipping stopped on Suez (P4-5)

Warm up

Have you ever gotten caught in a traffic jam?



There was a traffic jam on one of the world’s busiest canals recently. How did it happen?


Fast reading

Read and learn some basic information about the accident.

What other information do you want to know?


Careful reading

Read and learn about the Suez Canal.

What is the Suez Canal?

At ____ km long, the Suez Canal is a shipping shortcut between _____ and ____. It connects the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Before it opened in _____, ships had to travel around the ______________. This meant traveling more than 7,000 km ____. ____ manages the canal. In 2015, the country made the canal wider so that the world’s _____ ships could pass through it.

193.3; Europe; Asia; 1869; southern part of Africa; farther; Egypt; largest


Read and answer the questions.

1. How did Ever Given get stuck?

Because of high winds.


2. What is the ship like?

It’s large.

* 220,000 tons

* 400 meters long — a bit longer than the height of Empire State Building, which is about 205 to 225 meters wide

* 59 meters wide


3. How was it saved?

By moving the sand underneath it and using boats to push and pull it into the center of the canal.


Read and learn about the Suez Canal.

If the canal stops working for a long time, shortages of goods can make prices go higher.


The China- European freight train

Russia’s Northern Sea Route



Choose the correct answers after reading.

1. What is the role of the Suez Canal?

A. It connects Asia and Africa.

B. It links the Mediterranean Sea and Europe.

C. It is a shortcut between Europe and Asia.

D. It is an important canal in southern Africa.



2. How was the Ever Given saved?

A. People made the Suez Canal wider.

B. Workers on the boat threw goods into the canal.

C. Many boats pulled it to the side of the canal.

D. The sand underneath it was moved away.



3. What might happen if the canal stops working for too long? 

A. People around the world won’t have oil to use.

B. Half of the world’s trade will be stopped.

C. People won’t be able to get coffee.

D. The prices of goods will go higher.



4. What do we know about the China-Europe freight train?

A. It connects over 60 countries together.

B. The train will start to work this year.

C. It is another way to move goods.

D. It is built for medical trade.



5. What can we learn from the traffic jam in the Suez Canal?

A. Shipping is not safe now.

B. It is important to find new ways to ship things.

C. The Suez Canal is the most important canal.

D. Big ships can cause danger for canals.



Give a report about the accident — Shipping stopped on Suez

1. Basic information about the accident

Time, place, what happened, how it was solved

2. Related information

What is the Suez Canal?

Why is the Suez Canal important?

What is the ship Ever Given like?

How did the ship get stuck?

How was it saved?

Are there any other ways to ship goods?

Words in use

Completion. Complete the sentences using the words in the box.

pass through      height       at least       goods         push      

1. What is your _______ and weight?

2. It'll cost _________ 500 yuan.

3. You should pull the door, not _____ it.

4. Prices are marked on the _____.

5. He made a hole on the wall and let light _________.



Give a news report on the accident. Include basic information and details to explain the story.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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