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初二教案 第734期(1)

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Serving the students (P2)



I. Pre-reading 

· How do you feel about the picture?          

· If the MOE (教育部) issues (颁布) a new law on the protection of students, what regulations will you want to add


II. While reading 

be supposed to do sth 应该做某事

eg. You are supposed to buy a ticket.


issue n.问题 v.颁布,发布


on the/your/its way就要去/

eg. I’d better on my way soon =I must leave soon. 我最好还是快点走

on one’s/the way (to) (去某地的) 路上


1.The MOE opened the draft regulation to _____.

A. protect students’ safety

B. call for people’s opinions

C. collect students’ opinions

D. improve education for minors


open v.开放.

be able to 能做

is part of …的一部分


cover 涵盖,覆盖

be covered by…被涵盖/被覆盖

that 引导定于从句,做problems的定语,意为:这个草案涵盖了以前法律没有涵盖的问题。


according to根据

treat 对待;款待;美食;治疗。

because of由于


laugh at sb 嘲笑某人

are seen as被视为


2. What is against the new law, according to the draft regulation?

A. Knowing parents’ jobs.

B. Talking about others’ interests.

C. Using words to bully people.

D. Giving students scores.


against the law 违反法律


· What is one of the hottest topics about?

 Should schools make students’ test scores public


As of截至; 时为止

views 浏览量

one of …之一


· Why do parents care more about scores than all-around development?

 Because our education has focused too much on scores.


focus on 关注

care about 关心

instead of 代替,而不是

development n.发展


3. Shan Zhiya suggested that _____.

A. schools should have a rating system for students

B. exams shouldn’t be allowed in school

C. parents shouldn’t ask for their kids’ scores

D. schools shouldn’t make students’ information public


It is better to最好做


4. The new regulation aims to _____.

A. protect minors in several ways

B. encourage discussion of education

C. build a new student rating system

D. help schools better manage students


protect v.保护   protection n.保护

manage v. 管理

manage to do 设法做


Read the sentences and mark them true (T) or false (F).

1. According to the regulation, schools should treat students differently. (F)

2. The draft covers problems that were covered by laws before. (F)

3. We should only care about all-around development instead of children’s scores. (T)


III. Further reading

Read the passage and fill in the blanks.

     China is planning to ban online games for minors from midnight to 8 am, according to a draft regulation on the protection of minors issued by the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs (中央网络小组办公室).

       Experts believe it will be a powerful measure(有力措施) to prevent internet addiction (网瘾). But implementation (实施) of the policy requires not only registration(注册)information, but a verification(验证) and recognition(识别) system for minors. 

       Given that 90.1 percent of minors in the country have online access, the online world has a profound influence on (对有深远的影响)them. Therefore, the prevention(预防) of internet addiction among minors has become an important issue for the country.

       Liu Chunquan, a lawyer at a law firm in Shanghai, believes the country should carry out such measures, since minors are unable to effectively control themselves and addiction to online games may harm their mental and physical health.                                             

       However, China Youth University of Political Studies Vice President Lin Wei told Legal Weekly that implementation of the “midnight ban” should be based on (以为基础)a series of(一系列的) supporting mechanisms(机制), such as users‘ registration information. Lin said the ban would be less effective if it fails to (失败)identify minors from adult users.


Fill in the blanks.

1. The online world has a profound influence on minors.

2. The “midnight ban” is designed to protect children’s mental and physical health.


IV. Post reading

Group activity – Can you think of a law that can help protect children? Make a poster to introduce your new law.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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