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初一教案 第735期(1)

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Brought together over a game (P4-5)

Warm up

Do you like sports?

How can sports help us get along with each other?



Sport plays an important role not only in helping us stay fit, but also in diplomacy (外交).

Do you know any examples of this?


Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what this passage will be about.

What game(s) might this passage be about?


Fast reading

Read and fill in the blanks.

In 1971, Hoarfrost was the _____ player on her table tennis team.

The ____ American table tennis group visited China on April 10, 1971.

The visit led to more exchanges between _____ and ______.

youngest; first; China; the US


Careful reading

Who is Judy Hoarfrost?

    A. She is an expert on Sino-US relations.

    B. She worked for former Premier Zhou Enlai.

    C. She is the best American table tennis player.

    D. She is a table tennis player who visited China 50 years ago.



True or false:

F  In 1971, American table tennis players visited China for the first time.

T  Before this visit, relations between China and the US were not good.

F  There was a friendly match in front of 8,000 people.


What did this visit lead to between China and the US?

Who visited China in 1972?

What did the Chinese table tennis team do in 1972?

When did China and the US set up diplomatic relations?

In 1979.


Read and choose.

According to the last paragraph, what might Hoarfrost agree with?

A. China and the US should be closer than other countries.

B. China and the US should work with each other.

C. China and the US have nothing in common.

D. China and the US are best countries in the world.



This year is the _____ anniversary of the visit.

Even today, it shows the ________of people-to-people exchanges in ________ bones between countries.

50th; importance; building


True or False:

T  The visit in 1971 happened because of a small incident.

F  Both teams played at the championships in Germany.

T  Cowan got on the Chinese team’s bus by mistake.

T  This inspired the Chinese team to invite US players to visit Beijing.


Read this passage and answer the questions.

How many sports have played a role in diplomacy?


They include ping-pong diplomacy, __________, and ____________.

hoop diplomacy; soccer diplomacy


Read and fill in the blanks:

Yao Ming is a Chinese ______ star. In ____, he joined the NBA and played with the _____________.

This inspired more _____________ exchanges.

basketball; 2002; Houston Rockets; people-to-people


Is President Xi Jinping a big basketball fan?

What does he do when he visits other countries?

Who did President Xi take a selfie with?

Where did Aguero put the selfie?


Post reading

1. Which word best describes Sino-US relations before “ping-pong diplomacy”?

A. funny

B. strange

C. cold

D. good



2. What is Paragraph 3 mainly about?

A. US President Richard Nixon’s visit to China.

B. The fruits of ping-pong diplomacy.

C. The exchanges between China and other countries.

D. The growth of China’s diplomatic relations.



Words in use

thanks to,  be able to, pay a visit,  lead to

1. A lack of exercise can ________ feelings of depression(抑郁).

2. _________ your help, we were successful.

3. I think I _________  control this strong horse.

4. Perhaps you would like to ________ to London.

lead to; Thanks to; am able to; pay a visit


These animals also play an important role in diplomacy. China has a long history of using its pandas to ease international relations. Would you like to find more examples and share with us

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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