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初三教案 第660期(2)

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TEENS 初三20-21学年第42期总第660期教案




Playing for friendship (P4)



I. Warm up

  Look at the picture:


Have you ever heard of ping-pong diplomacy? What do you know about it? Do you have any opinions about it?



II. Reading


Look at the title and predict. What might the article be about?


Part I 


Read Paragraph 1 and find the answer.

1. Why does ping-pong hold a special place in China-US relations?

It holds a special place in China-US relations, as it has helped both countries get along for the last 50 years.



Part II

Read Paragraphs 2 and 3 and find the answers.

1. How were relations between China and the US for the previous 20 years?

For the previous 20 years, relations between China and the US had been unfriendly.


2. When did relations between China and the US start warming up?

As the nine-member table tennis team toured around China, things started warming up.


3. What was the most memorable moment for Hoarfrost during her stay in China?

The most memorable moment was Zhou shaking hands with me and looking into my eyes,” Hoarfrost told China Daily. “You have opened a new page in Sino-US relationships,” Zhou told the team.


4. What do we know about Hoarfrost?

A. She has played table tennis for 15 years.

B. She doesn’t know what “ping-pong diplomacy” is.

C. She formed her own table tennis team 20 years ago.

D. She was part of efforts to improve China-US relations.



Read Paragraph 3 again and find the answer.

5. What is Paragraph 3 about?

A. The team’s tour around China.

B. Zhou Enlai’s memories of the team. 

C. Hoarfrost’s meeting with Zhou Enlai.

D. The relationship between China and the US.





Part III

Read Paragraph 4 and find the answers.

1. When did US President Richard Nixon make a landmark visit to China?

US president Richard Nixon made a landmark visit to China in 1972.


2. When were diplomatic relations between the US and China fully established?

Diplomatic relations between the US and China were fully established in 1979.



Part IV

Read Paragraphs 4 and 5 and find the answers.

1. What idea did players from both countries believe in?

Players from both countries believed strongly in the idea of “friendship first, competition second”.


2. Why does Hoarfrost think we should remember ping-pong diplomacy?

Hoarfrost thinks we should remember ping-pong diplomacy in order “to understand the importance of people-to-people exchanges in establishing bonds, human bonds between peoples.”


3. How have relations been between China and the US in recent years?

There is tension between two of the world’s biggest powers in recent years.


4. What does “establishing bonds” mean?

A. Forming a relationship.

B. Holding a competition.

C. Understanding different countries.

D. Understanding the spirit of sportsmanship.



5. According to the passage, what might Hoarfrost agree with?

  A. It’s normal for countries to face tension.

  B. China and the US should improve their relations.

  C. Playing table tennis can help people go abroad more easily.

  D. China and the US should have another table tennis exchange.




IV. Post-reading

Can you summarize “ping-pong diplomacy”?


Further thinking

Search for more information about relations between China and the US in recent years and suggest an idea to improve relations between the two countries.



V. Words in use

Complete the sentences using the given words and phrases.

get along with     warm up     remain  

exchange      have sth in common  


1. Please ______ the soup first.

2. As adults, we should _____ calm no matter what happens.

3. It is not often that you get an opportunity to be an ________ student.

4. It is important for us to _________ others.

5. It’s easy to make friends with those who _________________ with us.


warm up



get along with

have something in common


Language Points

I. Learn the following useful phrases.










the most memorable moment

shake hands with

open a new page

Sino-US relationships

make a landmark …

diplomatic relations

establish bonds





US President Richard Nixon would make a landmark visit to China in 1972, which also saw Chinese table tennis players make their own visit to the US, according to China Daily.


Which 在这里引导的是非限制性定语从句,指代的内容是前面所讲的 1972”。


本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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