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初一教案 第736期


Funny inventions make this story great to read (P3)


Can you name some different kinds of stories?

Which kind do you like best? Why?


While reading

Louis Goldmans book Veronica Viggle and the Bubble Gum Machine: A Mad Scientist Story tells us an imaginative (有想象力的) story.



tell“告诉”,后接名词做宾语,但一般不接从句。常用搭配:tell a story 讲故事,tell a lie 说谎,tell the truth 说真话。

say强调说话的内容,可接宾语从句,sb say(s) that...

speak强调发声,不强调内容,后面一般只接语言,如speak Chinese/English/Japanese等。

talk通过谈话方式交换意见、消息等,一般只作不及物动词,常见搭配talk with sb about sth


In the book, The Mad Scientist ___.

is a bad guy


want (sb) to do sth 想要(某人)做某事

send [send] vt.发送,派遣 (sent-sent)

send sb/sth to把某人/物送去...

send for sb派人去请某人


turn[tɜːn] vt.转动;vi.转向;n.转弯

turn on/off 打开/关掉 ;  turn up/down调大(高)/小(低)

turn sb/sth into ...变成;   turn to sb for help 向某人求助

it's one's turn to do 轮到某人做某事



1. Don't forget to ________the light when you leave.

2. They always ________ me when they are in trouble.

3. Please _____ the radio a little. I can barely hear it.

turn off; turn to; turn up


The book is interesting because _____.

it has many funny inventions


搭配:be excited about sth

如:She was all ____ when hearing the ______ news.

excited; exciting



invent vt.发明

inventor n.发明者

inventive adj. 有创造力的

make sb/sth + adj. 使人/...

make them perplexed 使人迷惑

make people clever 使人聪明

deal with sth 应对,处理

How do you deal with the complaints


The story did NOT tell us about ________ of the book.

the ending


1.just to name a few 仅仅列举若干例子

2. end up with ...而告终;end up as 作为...而告终

3. find out 找出,查明(真相等),find 意为“发现,找到”,强调结果;look for “寻找”,强调找的过程和动作。

He has looked for the key for 2 hoursbut still can't find it.


Further reading

  Read the passage and answer the questions.

    Bo Le was a famous expert on the physiognomy of horses in ancient China. His book On the Physiognomy of Horses is a classic (古典的) piece of work on the subject.

   Bo Le had a son who wanted to gain his father’s knowledge. He read the book On the Physiognomy of Horses over and over again.

       Whenever he went out, he would carry the book with him,and as soon as he saw a horse,he would take out the book and compare the horse with drawings of various horses in the book. 

        One day,he found a horse that looked similar to a drawing in the book.

    He led it home to his father, but it turned out to be an inferior horse (劣马) of fiery temperament(烈性子) and not a good steed (战马)which could gallop(飞奔) 1,000 li a day. Bo Le said to his son, If you look for a steed with the aid of drawings, how can you find a really fine one?”                             

1.  Bo Le is well-known for studying the physiognomy of ______.



2. What would the son do whenever he went out with his father’s book?


As soon as he saw a horse,he would take out the book and compare the horse with drawings of various horses in the book.


3. 将划线句子译成中文。




Role-play a story in groups and share                                       


Parents give us their all (P4)


Think about these questions

Who do you think loves and supports you most

How does he/she support you? Give an example.

What would you like to do for him/her?


While reading

think about 考虑; think of 认为;think over 反复思考

for many 后面省略了people,意为“对于很多人而言”

come to (ones) mind 浮现在(某人)脑海,想到

play a role in... ...方面起作用


What might parents do to welcome their coming children?

Change their jobs.

Save some money.

Buy toys.


start doing sth 开始做某事

make changes 作出改变


coming 即将到来的


What are paragraphs 3 and 4 mainly about?

How parents sacrifice themselves.


give up doing 放弃做

stop doing      停止做

instead[ɪnˈsted] 相反,后接句子;instead of后接名词

be happy/sad/satisfied/glad to do...做某事很...

spend time/money on sth/in doing (人)花费时间/钱做;

it takes sb time to do 花费时间做某事,it为形式主语。


her 7-year-old son 她七岁的儿子


                      b. 复合形容词中的名词用原形;

                      c.  复合形容词一般用作前置定语

two-hour(两小时的)three-year-old (三岁的)

     two-faced (两面的) part-time(业余的)


Since Gidons mother works at the school, she can get a tuition (学费) discount (折扣). But when Gidon lost her job, she and her mother had to make sacrifices. She has to rent a cheaper house in order to pay the tuition. Her mother has had to put off her retirement (退休) so that she can keep the discount.

What did Gidon do to help her child get a better education?

Moved into a cheaper house.

注:题干问Gidon牺牲了什么给孩子更好的教育,put off retirement说的是her mother


1. in order to do以便,in order that + 目的状语从句,常接情态动词canso that 与其用法一致。

2. pay 付钱,主语为人,用于pay money for sth

    spend 支付,主语为人,用于spend money on sth

    cost 花费,主语为物,sth costs sb some money

    take 花费(时间),主语为itit takes sb time to do

3. put off 推迟;put on 穿上;put up举起;put out 熄灭


1. it is + adj. (for sb) to do sth. 做某事对某人而言是...

it为形式主语,真正主语为to do

2. show thanks to sb 向某人致谢


Which of the following does the article describe?

How parents change their lives for their children.

What might the writer write about if the article were longer?

How to thank your parents.


Further reading

  Read the passage and answer the questions.

     Generally, parents want time with their kids. You should try to spend your time doing something that your parents love. It shows that you care about the things they do for you. You can read with them, go to the grocery store with them, or buy them some small presents, like a candy bar or drink.

    A photo book containing all the memories that you have shared is a perfect gift to give. Memories of children are something that parents always love and cherish. You can make the book more colorful by customizing (定做) it with different backgrounds and photo sizes. If you make something like this for your parents, they will probably keep it forever!    

    It’s always difficult to look into our parents’ eyes and say thank you. If this is true for you, you can just write it down instead. Your parents will be happy to read it. You don’t have to wait until a special occasion to tell them how you feel. Any time is the right time to say thanks to your parents.

1.  You can ______ with them, go to the grocery store together, or buy them some small presents.



2. How can you make your photo book more interesting?


By using different backgrounds and photo sizes. 

3. 翻译划线句子





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