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高三教案 第749期(2)

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Preparing for glory
河北师大附中  赵乃平
I. Lead-in
When and where were the 2020 Summer Olympics scheduled to take place? 
July and August in 2020
Tokyo, Japan
    Because of the novel coronavirus crisis around the globe, the International Olympic Committee announced the 2020 Olympic Games were postponed to 2021.

Tokyo is making preparations 
It is preparing for the epidemic prevention and control.
Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee jointly released the first official epidemic prevention manual on March 3.
The Tokyo Olympic torch relay kicked off in northeastern Japan's Fukushima county on March 25.
The Tokyo Olympic torch will travel across Japan for 121 days before reaching the Olympic Games opening ceremony on July 23.
Athletes are preparing for the Olympics.
II. Skimming  
Preparing for glory
From the text we will learn what Chinese athletes are doing to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games.
III. Scanning  
China will compete in ________ events across ________ sports for the Games.
180  23  
Which events are mentioned in the text? Why?
Diving & women’s volleyball.
They are two of China’s most promising events to achieve ideal results.

Zhou Jihong, team manager of China’s diving team
According to Zhou, how did the one-year delay impact the diving team?
Plans were messed up, causing more stress.
It was challenging for veterans to train for an extra year.
bright side: 
Young divers had more time to receive training and mature.
What did Chinese teams do starting in April?
They went abroad to continue preparing.

What can we learn from the Chinese diving teams?
Despite the pandemic, they never stopped training. 
Whatever happens, they made all efforts to pursue their goals.

Women’s volleyball
Lang Ping, coach of China’s women’s volleyball team
Lang Ping is leading her team to have a friendly match against Japan, trying to improve their techniques to defend its Olympic title.

In Lang Ping’s eyes, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the players?
They are strong both physically and mentally.
They are well equipped with skills.
There is a lack of chances for them to apply their skills so that they can be further improved.
Which teams will Lang’s team compete against in Tokyo?
The US, Russia, Italy, Argentina and Turkey.
Composition of Lang’s team for Tokyo Olympic Games 
core players 
Zhu Ting, spiker
Ding Xia, setter
other young players
What does Zhou mean in the last paragraph?
While we can’t control the results, what we can do is try our best. 
IV. Further thinking
What can we know about the Chinese athletes?
Even if there are many unpredictable factors and a lot of pressure, the Chinese athletes are working hard to accomplish their goals. 
We hope their efforts will pay off. 
V. Language focus 
1. To continue high-intensity training for one more year is a tough call for our veterans.
2. But working hard without international competition is a big challenge.
3. It’s critical for us to put all those to the test in real competitions and figure out where we need to further improve.
1. 做早操有利于我们的健康。
Doing morning exercises is useful for our health.

2. 嘴里被塞满(食物)说话是不礼貌的。
It is impolite to speak with your mouth full.

3. 在这种工作条件下工作不是一件愉快的事。
Working in these conditions is not a pleasure.

4. 覆水难收。
It is no use/no good crying over spilled milk.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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