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高一教案 第834期(2)

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Inspirational spirit (P2)
河北省石家庄二中实验学校  赵志敏

Before reading 
Do you still remember the passage?
Yuan Longping: a household name
Yuan is regarded as the “father of hybrid rice”. 
grows super hybrid rice, which helps the UN in the battle to rid the world of hunger. 

Before reading: enjoy a video clip about Yuan Longping. 
Yuan, a pioneer, reduced hunger and poverty by developing hybrid rice strains. 

While reading

While reading: para 1
Although May 24 was a working day, thousands of people wearing black ... to honor Yuan Long ping.
What can you infer from the underlined words from para 1?
Yuan was loved and admired by the Chinese public.

While reading: para 2-5
A family member of Yuan told Xinhua News Agency that Yuan didn’t leave any last words, but when he was still able to speak, he kept mentioning hybrid rice and hoped that his students would develop well and promote the crop.

While reading: para 2-5
Yuan is a star of science.
He is an international hero.
His achievement is amazing. 
He deserves all the prizes.
He should be remembered forever.
He deserves our admiration, respect and gratitude.




While reading: para 2-10
What great qualities does Yuan have that have helped him make such outstanding achievements and win global respect? 
Please find sentences in the passage as evidence.
1. Yuan witnessed the despair of people who lost land ... he decided to study agriculture. 
-sympathetic, ambitious
2. His parents worried such work would be tough and exhausting. However, Yuan said, “Having enough food was people’s priority.” -hardworking, determined, responsible, patriotic
3. ... sharing his research to benefit people globally.    -selfless, generous 
4. ... never seeking fame or adulation    -humble
5. He believed in the power of science ...Yuan spent more time in a field than in an office.   
-intelligent, diligent, down-to-earth(脚踏实地)
6. ... noted People’s Daily... Kenneth M. Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation, told China Daily. The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs mourned his passing on Twitter...  -outstanding, noble and globally respectable

While reading: para 2-10
Conclusion: Yuan Longping is a true hero. He achieved a miracle by changing the world with one tiny rice seed. His passing is not only sad news to the Chinese people, but also a great loss to humanity. He will be remembered forever, and his spirit will inspire generations far into the future.

Post reading: Discussion 
Many teenagers adore some entertainers. Some teenagers are determined to enter the field of entertainment when they grow up.
What do you think of this? What kind of people do you think should be teenagers’ idols? Why?


In memory of Yuan Longping, please make a poster.
The requirements are as follows:
① Include a short introduction of Yuan Longping; 
② call on your classmates to learn from him: List some concrete measures.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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