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初一教案 第740期(1)

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Looking inside our planet (P6)


What do you know about the Galaxy (银河系)?

What do you know about the surface of our Earth?

How much do you know about its inner structure (内部结构)?



While reading

You may have learned from your textbook that Earth is made up of four layers: the crust (地壳), the mantle (地幔), the outer core (外地核), and the inner core (内地核). But according to a new study, there may be a fifth layer inside Earth.


learn from ... ...中了解到;向... ...学习

learn from each other 互相学习

learn from your mistakes  从错误中吸取教训


be made up of ......所构成(强调结构),

be made of ......制成(强调材料)


Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) found this new layer within Earth’s inner core. They call it the “inner-inner core”.The inner core, at 5,100 to 6,371 kilometers below Earth’s surface, is hard. It’s made of iron alloy. But starting from 5,800 km below the Earth’s surface, scientists have found some changes.


Which of the following is Earth’s fifth layer?

The inner-inner core

Where is the fifth layer?

Within Earth’s inner core.



They found there are iron crystals (晶体) pointing in an east-west direction. But other iron crystals in the inner core point in a north-south direction. This difference makes the inner-inner core a new layer.

How is the fifth layer different from the inner core?

Iron crystals there point in a different direction.


make sb./sth. + n.  使某人/事成为... ...

Reading makes a full man. 读书使人充实。

make sb./sth. + adj. 使某人/... ...

Hot weather makes me sleepy. 炎热的天气让我犯困。


Earth used to be very hot before it cooled down. According to Joanne Stephenson, one of the researchers, this new finding suggests another cooling event in Earth’s history. It can help us understand more about how Earth formed.

It’s very exciting,” Stephenson said. “And it may mean that you have to rewrite the textbooks!”


What can this finding tell us?

Earth experienced a cooling event in the past.

suggest 除了表“建议”,还有“显示,表明”之意。


Earth used to be very hot before it cooled down.

...this new finding suggests another cooling event in Earth’s history. ...“And it may mean that you have to rewrite the textbooks!”


used to do 过去常常做,为一般过去时态。

be used to do 被动句式,被用来做……

be/get used to doing 习惯了做某事。

如:He used to take a bus to school, but now he gets used to walking there.


re-,再,又;rewrite改写;repeat重复;review 复习(再看)


How did they find it?

Its difficult to study the inner structure (结构) of Earth. Scientists study it with the help of sound waves (声波). Different layers can slow down sound waves differently. Scientists can then take a brief look at what lies below.


it is + adj. (for sb.) to do. 对某人而言做某事是... ...

with the help of ... ...的帮助下

slow down 减速,使... ...慢下来;反义词组speed up 加速

take a look at 看一看,相当于look at

what lies below look at 的宾语从句,同时whatlie的主语。lie此处意为“位于”。


What is the passage about?

The discovery of a fifth layer inside Earth.


1. 看关键词(出现最多的词或短语);

2. 看每段的中心句(首句或尾句);

3. 找出联系,综合分析。



Further reading

Read the passage and answer the questions.

     The China National Space Administration (CNSA中国国家航天局) on Thursday published three images of Mars captured by the country's Tianwen 1 probe (探测器). These images include two full-color images and one color image, the CNSA said.

      The full-color images were taken with a high-resolution (高分辨率) camera at a distance of 330 to 350 km above the surface of Mars with a resolution of about 0.7 meters. In the images, Martian (火星的) landforms such as small pits, mountains and sands can be clearly seen.

   The color image is of the Red Planet's North Pole region taken by a medium-resolution camera, the CNSA said.

    Tianwen 1, the country's first independent Mars mission (任务), was launched (发射) by a carrier rocket on July 23 from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan province.

    The name comes from the poem Tianwen, meaning Questions to Heaven, written by Qu Yuan (about 340-278 BC), one of the greatest poets of ancient China.                                       


1.  How many images of Mars were published on Thursday?

Three. Two full-color images and one color image.


2. What can be seen in the two full-color images?

Martian landforms such as small pits, mountains and sands.


3. When and where was Tianwen 1 launched?

It was launched on July 23 in Hainan province.


4. The name “Tianwen” comes from a  ________ written by Qu Yuan, who was a great _____ in ancient China.





Imagine you are an astronaut (宇航员) sent to Mars. What is it like there? Make a poster to show what you see.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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