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初一教案 第742期



Dads give their all (P4-5)

Warm up

What might be the relationship between the two people in this picture?

What is the father like in this picture?


What is this passage about?

Careful- reading

Read Paras 1 & 2 and answer:

1. How does Xiao Er’dong’s father finally understand him?

By running a marathon himself.

2. Why will the movie On Your Mark come out on June 18?

To celebrate Father’s Day.

3. When is Father’s Day this year?

It falls on June 20.


Read Para 3 and list some words that describe fathers.

Strong, silent, strict.

Read Para 4 and write T or F.

T  1. Children who get on well with their fathers behave better. 

F  2. Children with fathers tend to be less independent.

T  3. When fathers are absent, children are more likely to have problems.


What’s the main idea of Para 5?

Fathers are more active caretakers in most families these days.


Read and answer the questions.

1. Who came up with the idea for Father’s Day?

Sonora Smart Dodd.

2. Why did she choose June to celebrate Father’s Day?

Because her father was born in June.


What can we learn from the readers’ stories?

A. Zhou Caiyan’s father spoils her a lot.

B. Xiao Junxi’s father criticized him for lying about his test score.         

C. Lu Siyi always argues with her father.

D. Both Xiao Junxi’s father and Lu Siyi’s father help them with their math.


argue with sb. 与某人争吵

lie (撒谎)--lied



Post reading


How does your father show his love to you?

How do you show your love to your father?

How are you going to celebrate Father’s Day?


Read the passage and choose the best answer.

1. Why does Xiao Er’dong’s father change his mind?

A. Because he doesn’t want his son to keep secrets from him.

B. Because he needs someone to practice with him.

C. Because he believes his son will be successful.

D. Because he understands what it’s like to run a marathon.



2. According to the text, which word can describe fathers?

A. Boring.            

B. Soft.

C. Outgoing.         

D. Strong.



3. What is Paragraph 4 mainly about?

A. What kind of children need fathers.

B. How fathers teach their children.

C. Why fathers are important.

D. When children are likely to feel bad.



4. What are “stay-at-home dads” like?

A. They like staying at home all day.

B. They don’t need to do housework.

C. They take care of their children at home.

D. They take care of other kids.



5. What can we learn from the text?

A. Playing sports is a good way to communicate with children.

B. Good children must have excellent fathers.

C. Fathers are spending more time with their kids these days.

D. Fathers in South Korea are older than in other countries.



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in the box.

independent, confident, absent

1. He has been _____ from his desk for two weeks.

2. She was in a relaxed and _______ mood.

3. He was very _________ and self-willed.

1. absent     2. confident    3. independent


Finding better ways to vaccinate (P6)

Warm up

What’s the girl doing in the picture?

What happens when you get vaccinated?



Are there any other ways to get vaccinated?


Fast reading

Read and predict:

What is the passage mainly about?


Read and answer:

How many new ways are there to get vaccinated and what are they?

Two. A breathable vaccine and a vaccine patch. 


Careful reading

Read Para 1 and answer:

What are scientists around the world working on? Why are they working on it?

They are working on new types of vaccines. They are doing this to help people get vaccinated more easily. 


Read and write T or F.

1. They have been testing the new vaccine since last September.  T

2. The new vaccine can kill the virus in the nose and the lungs.   F


Read and answer the questions.

1. How do you use the vaccine patch?

Put the patch on your arm, leave it on for 10 seconds and take it off.

2. How many tiny needles are there on the patch?



Post reading

Summarize the structure of the passage.

Finding better ways to vaccinate


1. Which of the following is TRUE about Chen Wei’s vaccine?

A. It can kill viruses in your mouth.

B. It hasn’t passed any tests yet.

C. Her team is applying for emergency use of the vaccine.

D. Doctors will start using it in September.



2. How does Chen’s vaccine work?

a. It can help people hold their breath longer.

b. It only protects your nose and throat.

c. It can stop the virus from going into the body.

d. It’s easier to use than injected vaccines.

e. It can help people get vaccinated more quickly.

A. acd       B. bcd       C. ade       D. cde



3. What do we know about the vaccine patch?

A. You need to ask medical staff to apply it.

B. You should leave it on your arm for 10 seconds.

C. It is very painful to use.

D. Researchers will test it on humans in two years.



4. What is the story mainly about?

A. Differences between vaccines and other medicines.

B. Reasons why you should get vaccinated.

C. New ways to get vaccinated.

D. Competition between China and Australia.




Can you think of other ways for people to get vaccinated more easily?


Words in use


1. 世界各地的研究人员正在合作培育一种新的疫苗。   

Researchers around the world are collaborating to develop a new_____.


The ______ seems to have attacked his throat.


The vaccine provides longer _______ against the flu.


vaccine; virus; immunity

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