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初一教案 第743期



Stars of the wild (P4-5)

Warm up

Some animals have to do incredible things to survive. They might travel to faraway places where the weather is warmer or where there is more food.

Do you know about any animals that do things like this?



Do you know the animals in this picture?

Have you heard about these animals in the news lately?


Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess who the story is about.

Why are they called “stars”?


Fast reading

Read through and fill in.

_____________ are the “stars of the wild” in this passage

Fifteen wild Asian elephants

One video showing them sleeping together got nearly  ______views on Twitter.


The world sees China’s _______ to protect wild elephants.



Answer questions:

Who are the members of the special “tour group”?

The fifteen Asian elephants.


Are they famous only in China?

No. they aren’t.


Read and choose:

What do we know about the elephants from this paragraph?

A. They come from other countries.

B. They are 15 months old.

C. They have traveled over 500 km.

D. They ran away from a zoo.



Choose the best answer:

This paragraph tells us that_.

A. many tourists came to China to see the elephants

B. international scientists are studying the elephants

C. the elephants have gotten international attention

D. international media are making money from the elephants



Careful reading

Choose the best answer:

 What does “respect” mean here?

    A. 追踪          

    B. 逗弄

    C. 驱赶

    D. 尊重



Who is Joshua Plotnik?

He is an assistant  professor at City University of New York.


What does he hope will happen because of these elephants?

He hopes more people will get along with animals.


The largest land animals in Asia

length    5 to 6 meters

weight    3 to 5 tons

Fierce animals

Sometimes attack people


Where they live

About 4,000 years ago, they lived in places like Henan.

More than 1,000 years ago, they lived in southern China

Now, they mainly live in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.


Comments about the elephants

Guessing why they left home

Learning from how they behave

Making a joke about them


Fill in blanks:

Asian elephants are under  ________ state protection in China.

Their population is ____ now.

Yunnan has ____ nature reserves.

At the end of 2017, China stopped the local trade of _______________.

first-class; 300; 11; ivory products


1. Iain Douglas-Hamilton thinks that _____.

A. Africa is a better place for elephants

B. China protects these animals well

C. Africa will help save the elephants 

D. China has learned a lot from Africa



2. What is the story mainly about?

A. What people in other countries think of China.

B. How China protects wild animals.

C. Elephant protection in other countries.

D. Asian elephants that have become famous.



Words in use


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

be full of, describe as, get close to, drive away

No one dares to ________ your dog because its so feral (凶猛).

Your garden will ________ green grass and bright flowers.

How can I _________ these feelings of sadness?

He _________ a bright young man.

get close to;  be full of; drive away; is described as


Post reading

The elephants are still moving north. What do you think about their trip?


Coming back to life (P6)

Warm up

Nature is truly amazing. All living things have their own special features and talents. Together, they make up Earth’s family. Some of them can even come back to life after being frozen for thousands of years. Can you believe it?



Have you ever seen this animal before? Do you know what it is? Take a guess. Is it a fish, or an insect, or something else?


Fast reading

Fill in blanks:

 ______ came back to life.

They are _____(tiny/big).

Scientists found the rotifers 3.5 meters underground in the Alazeya River in ________ .

Rotifers; tiny; Russia


Careful reading

Choose the correct answer.

What is new about rotifers?

A. Scientists made them into zombies.

B. They can grow up to 3.5 meters long.

C. Frozen rotifers came back to life after being thawed.

D. They started to live in Arctic permafrost 2,400 years ago.



Choose the correct answer.

What does the word “repair” here mean?

   A. 删除

   B. 配对

   C. 融化

   D. 修复



True or False:

Multicellular organisms exist only in fiction.  F

We’ve found a new way to store human tissue and organs.  F

A dream of many fiction writers came true.  T


Can we freeze humans for thousands of years and then wake them up?

Why or why not?

No. Humans are too complex to freeze and then wake up later.


Post reading

1. What might Malavin agree with?

A. Many animals can live for thousands of years.

B. It might be possible to freeze human organs for later use. 

C. Humans can be frozen alive and woken up later.

D. Fiction writers like to write about multicellular organisms.



2. What do we know from the passage?

A. Rotifers are mainly found in Russia.

B. Rotifers are not as complex as humans.

C. Proteins can protect animals from the cold.

D. Scientist can learn a lot from fiction writers.



Words in use


1. After the fish is cooked, Ill ____(冷冻) some of it.

2. Can you _____ (修理) it?

   —No problem.

3. Many birds like to______(储存)  food for the winter.  

4. He wanted to _______(醒来) up, but sleep held him back.

freeze; repair; store; wake


Post reading

There are some animals that can stay alive in frigid (极冷的) weather conditions by freezing their bodies in one way or another. Then they will wake up when its warm. Do you know these animals?



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