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高一教案 第837期(2)

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2020-2021学年度第  45  期总第 837 期 
Changing the food we eat (P6) 邯郸市第一中学 许蕾蕾

Lead-in When it comes to processed food, what do you think of?     
High-energy high-fat    unhealthy    harmful     calorie-rich ... 
Read for prediction Predict the main idea of this passage according to the title. Guess the style of this passage.  expository  

While-reading Q1. Why does the author say “Processed food is as old as humanity itself and may have helped create our species”?  In para 3,  from the sentence, “Compared to our ancestors, modern human teeth, jaws and faces have gotten smaller relative to overall skull (头盖骨) size because of making food easier to chew, especially from cooking,”  we learn that processed food has reshaped our body, thus our species. 
Q2.  How are Para 2 and Para 3 connected?  Para 2 presents a statement and para 3 uses facts and details to support that statement.     Q3.  What is the topic sentence of para 3? The first sentence: “Although processing is viewed negatively nowadays, it was important to our development as a species.” 
Tips: The topic sentence usually lies in the first or last sentence of the paragraph.  
Q4. Read para 4-8. What does this part mainly talk about?         Can you use your own words to summarize it?  It mainly talks about the positive influences of processed food (cooking). 
Cooking increases the energy and nutrients we get from food. Processed food led to a huge gain in leisure time. Processed food freed energy to power a larger brain. 
Q5. What’s the function of para 9? To summarize the whole passage. Processed food literally shaped us as a species and made us who we are.  
After-reading What do you think was the purpose of writing this passage? To correct our concepts about processed food.  2. Some think that processed food is unhealthy, while others disagree. Which side would you take? Debate with your partners. 
Language points from processing to preserving played a big role in shaping our evolution artificial ingredients relative to raw food  from an evolutionary angle led to a huge gain in leisure time develop complex oral language mirrors the reduction in the size of the gut  Homework Write an argumentative writing about whether processed food is beneficial or harmful to us using the facts or findings written in the text to support your idea.  


本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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