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初一教案 第745期


作者:Linda Hu

Everything can become pop art (P4)


I. Pre-reading

Where can you see these pictures?

What kind of art is this?

What do you think of them?


exhibition n. 展览

pop art  波普艺术


Let’s learn about Andy Warhol.


II. While reading

Read the passage carefully and choose the answer.

1. What does “works” in the first paragraph mean?

A. 工作         B. 餐具               C. 作品             D. 文件


2. Where did Warhol get his ideas for art?

A. From pop culture.

B. From exhibitions.

C. From other artists.

D. From famous paintings.


3. Which photo did Warhol print many times?

A. A photo of a soup can. 

B. A photo of Coke bottles.

C. A photo of an advertisement.

D. A photo of Marilyn Monroe.


4. What do we know about Warhol?

A. He was a famous movie star.

B. He liked wearing colorful T-shirts.

C. He painted pictures for Disney.

D. He showed people a new way to make art.



What do you think of Andy Warhol?


Why do you feel this way?


Further thinking

Art makes our life ___________.


III. Language Points

1. He turned these things into famous paintings.

Turn into ...  把……变成……

e.g. Monkey King can turn himself into different objects.



2. Warhol was a famous pop artist in the 1960s. His ideas for art came from popular culture, such as movie stars and advertisements (广告). For example, he printed (印刷) a photo of actress Marilyn Monroe differently many times.


such as 表示举例,后面跟名词或者名词短语

e.g. Children like ball games, such as basket ball, football and table tennis.

for example 例如,后面跟句子。

e.g. For example, Xi'an is a city with a long history.


3. Later, people started to make art differently. Today, we see people wear colorful T-shirts with pictures of Coke bottles and Disney characters (人物). This has much to do with Andy Warhol and pop art.

have ... to do with: 和……有关

e.g. Does his visit have anything to do with the meeting tomorrow?


IV. Post-reading

Look at the picture below. What does Warhol mean by this?

Do you agree with Warhol? Why or why not?





II. 1. C


2. A

3. D

4. D





Space gets some new tourists (P6)


I. Pre-reading

What can you see in the pictures?


Do you want to travel to space in a rocket?


Who recently went into space?


What do you think the article will be about?


II. While reading

Read the passage carefully and choose the right answer.

1. What is Bezos’ job?

A. He is a bus driver.

B. He is an astronaut.

C. He works for the Virgin Group.

D. He is the founder of a tech company.


2. What did Branson and Bezos do in July?

A. They rode a bus to outer space.

B. They flew into outer space.

C. They founded Amazon.

D. They became the richest men in the world.


3. What happened while they were in space?

A. They found it easy to run.

B. They got magical powers. 

C. They became more beautiful.

D. They floated in the spacecraft.


4. What does the last paragraph tell us?

A. They had a fun trip.

B. They had a long trip.

C. They traveled on Earth. 

D. They were only dreaming of space.


5. What do we know from the text?

A. It is easy to fly to outer space.

B. Rich people want to live in space.

C. More people might take trips into space later.

D. Many companies are building rockets.



III. Post-reading

If you had a chance (机会) to take a space trip, what would you do while you’re in space?



IV. Words in use

Complete the sentences using the given words and phrases.

for example   such as  have to do with  understand   turn... Into ...

1. I don't ________ what you're talking about.

2. Caterpillars can _______ butterflies.

3. I can speak four languages, _______ Japanese and English.

4. Harry said he didn't want to _____ anything________ the newcomer.

5. ________, London is the capital of Britain.



II. 1. D

2. B

3. D

4. A

5. C

解析:ABD 在文中均未提及,从全文总体来看,选择C 符合文意。



1. understand

2. turn into

3. such as

4. have, to do with

5. For example

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