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初一教案 第750期




Writing to inspire us all (P4)


I. Warm up

How much do you know about Lu Xun ?


Can you name some of his works?


Do you like reading his stories?



II. Pre-reading

Predict (预测):

Read the title and guess what this passage is about.


inspire v. 激励


Do you know any famous words written by Lu Xun? 



III. While reading

Fast reading

Read the introduction part and find out the following information.


Original name (原名)

Zhou Shuren


Sept 25, 1881


From Baicao Garden to Sanwei Study

My Old Home

A Madman’s Diary


Careful reading

Read each part carefully and answer these questions.


1. Why did Lu Xun start writing?

2. According to Lu Xun, what were most Chinese people like in the early 20th century?

3. What do Lu Xun’s works show?

4. According to ThePaper, what does Mian think of Lu Xun’s works?

5. Why is Lu Xun called “the father of modern Chinese literature”?

IV. Post reading

Do you agree with this opinion? How has Lu Xun inspired you?


Further reading


Further thinking

What do you think of Lu Xun and people like him in his times?

     The great men of this generation have a love for the family and the nation. They are resilient (有韧性) and pragmatic (务实的). These spirits will go on to inspire the young generation of today.



V. Words in use

Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.

inspire, remember, change, fail, everyday

1. He ____ his driving test three times.

2. The internet has become part of _______ life .

3. Teachers should _____ all students to think creatively.

4. The young will ________ him as a great man.

5. I made only a few small _____ to the report.


Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

such as,   pick up, give up, think about, again and again

1. What do you really ________ it?

2. She went out to ________ the milk.

3. I have told you _________ not to do that.

4. I like ball games, _____ soccer and basketball.

5. He's trying to ______ smoking.


III. While reading

Careful reading

1. Because he wanted to use his words to wake people.

2. They were numb and just followed without thinking.

3. His works show the dark side of society and tradition.

4. Mian thinks that Lu Xun's works are useful and different.

5. Because many writers followed him to write stories in spoken language.


IV. Words in use

1. failed

2. everyday

3. inspire

4. remember

5. changes


1. think about

2. pick up

3. again and again

4. such as

5. give up


Body-building tech (P6)


I. Pre-reading


What are they doing?

What materials (材料) do you need to build a house?

bricks  砖块

If we want to build a house on Mars, what should we do?

Do we need to bring bricks to Mars, too?


II. While reading

Fast reading

How much does it cost to send one brick to Mars?


Careful reading

Choose the answer:

1. What did scientists at the University of Manchester do?

A. They built a house to keep astronauts’ sweat and tears.

B. They used human sweat and tears to build a house.

C. They found a new type of brick on Mars.

D. They made a new type of brick.


2. What can we learn from Paragraph 2?

A. How strong the bricks usually are.

B. What the new brick is made from.

C. How much it costs to make a brick.

D. What kind of bricks are good for building houses.


3. What does the word “glue” in Paragraph 2 mean?

A. 细菌           B. 胶水           C. 积木           D. 支架


4. Why did scientists make this new kind of brick?

A. To find an easier way to make bricks.

B. To make good use of human bodies.

C. To build houses on Mars.

D. To build houses for poor people.


5. What can we learn from the last paragraph?

A. Some astronauts began to make the new bricks.

B. Scientists are planning to live on Mars.

C. It might take years to build a house on Mars.

D. Astronauts need 500 kg of bricks to build a house.



According to scientists, how could astronauts live in a house on Mars?

_____ astronauts could make 500 kilograms of such ____ in just ____ years. Later they can build ____ _____ for _____ _______ to go there and ____.


Further thinking




III. Post-reading

If you were an astronaut, what would you do on Mars?


IV. Words in use

Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.

a type of, be made from, be like, lots of, send to

1. He _______ a father to me.

2. There are_____fun things for young people to do here.

3. Paper ________ wood.

4. Can you _____ it _____ me by email?

5. This is ___ new _____apple.


Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.

might, future, hold, cost, live

1. We need to plan for the ____ .

2. How much did it _____?

3. She needs to find somewhere to ____ .

4. He said he _____ come tomorrow.

5. The girl _____ her father's hand tightly (紧紧地).





II. While reading

Fast reading

13 million yuan

Careful reading

1. D。解析:根据文章第二段第一句话,可以得知科学家研究出一种新型砖块。

2. B。解析:根据文章第二段中提到的各种成分可以得知这种新型砖块是由什么构成的。

3. B。解析:根据其所在句子的下一句话可以得知,它的作用是将火星土凝聚在一起,所以推断它类似胶水。

4. C。解析:根据文章第三段可以得知科学家研究的这种新型砖可以极大地降低在火星造房的成本。

5. C。解析:根据文章最后一段可以得知科学家说六名宇航员可以在短短两年内制造500公斤这样的新型砖块。由此可以猜测要在火星建成房屋可能需要花数年时间。


Six, bricks, two, bigger houses, more astronauts, live



1. is like

2. lots of

3. is made from

4. send, to

5. a, type of


1. future

2. cost

3. live

4. might

5. held

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