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高一教案 第844期(4版)

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2021-22学年度第7期总第844期 (P4) Sing nature’s praise

山东省烟台第二中学  柳力文

I. Lead-in

1. Do you like traveling? What do you usually do while traveling?

2. Have you ever thought about singing songs or making music videos while traveling? 
II. Pre-reading: prediction

How do you understand the title, and what do you predict the article will be about?

Who sings nature’s praise?

How does he/she do that? Why does he/she do that?

III. Read for main idea Look through the article and summarize the main idea.

Liu Liyuan and her husband Yu Hanyi sing suitable songs amid beautiful scenery in different places.

IV. Read for details

Read the article and answer the following questions.

1. Where have they sung songs? Do people like their songs?

This year, they went to the top of Shenzhen Astronomical Observatory.  Last year, they went to more than 16 cities and scenic spots (景点) and recorded around 40 songs.  Yes. Their videos on WeChat have reached over 200,000 clicks.  
2. What challenges do they face while making music videos?

•One challenge they meet is finding a way to avoid crowds.

•Singing on site depends on the atmosphere.  

•The weather occasionally determines their plan, and they also need to think about the camping environment. 
3. What do they want to do by making music videos?

They want to deliver positive energy and convey their love for life through their music videos. 

V. Think and share 
After reading, how do you understand the title?

•sing (high) praise for: praise highly (literal meaning)

•They sing in nature to show their admiration and love for nature and life.

VI. Language study

Carrying a guitar, maraca (沙槌), camera and drone (无人机) while spending almost three hours climbing a wild mountain road, Liu Liyuan and her husband, Yu Hanyi, finally reached the top of Shenzhen Astronomical Observatory. Finding a comfortable corner amid (在......之中) the beautiful scenery, the couple sat down and began to play the instruments and sing quietly, with the camera recording. They chose Light Years Away, the Chinese theme song of the space movie Passengers (2016). 
Note: 这两句中的carrying…和finding…是现在分词短语作伴随状语;句2中的with…是独立主格结构;the Chinese theme song…是同位语。 
VII. Discussion

What would you like to do to show your love for nature and life? 

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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