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高二教案 第844期(7版)

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Into the metaverse (page 7)
吉林毓文中学  王荟娟

Do you enjoy playing video games?
Have you ever imagined going inside of a video game?
How would you feel if your dream came true?

Read the passage quickly, and answer the two questions.
1. What is the type of writing?
A. Narration
B. Exposition
C. Argumentation
Key: B
2. What is the main idea of the passage?
The introduction of metaverse and its applications.

Read for details
Read the first paragraph of the passage and answer the question.
1 Have you ever imagined going inside of a video game? That dream may soon become reality. It’s called the “metaverse”.
Why does the writer begin the paragraph with a question?
To attract readers’ interest
To introduce the topic

Read the second paragraph of the passage and answer the question.
What does the second paragraph mainly talk about?
Definition of the metaverse

Explanation of the metaverse

Origin of the metaverse

Read the third and fourth paragraphs of the passage and answer the question.
3 Now, the fictional technology in the book is becoming a reality. More than that, it’s creating a whole new reality. The metaverse will feel real because the technology can simulate (模拟) our senses: vision (视觉), hearing, touch and even smell.
4 “We’re talking about creating another reality, another world, that’s as rich as the real world,” said Rev Lebaredian, vice president of simulation technology at NVIDIA, a US company.
Why will the metaverse feel real?
Because the technology can simulate our senses: vision, hearing, touch and even smell.

Read the fifth, sixth and seventh paragraphs of the passage and underline the topic sentence of paragraph 6 and paragraph 7.
5 So, what can you do inside of the metaverse?
6 Anything you want! Wearing a VR headset, you can meet other people wherever they are. You can work and play with them. Your location will no longer matter, said VOA News. In the metaverse, “people … would be connected at all times”. So, if you are bored and can’t find any friends to play basketball with, don’t worry. Just jump into the metaverse and join a game.  
7 The metaverse doesn’t just connect people. It creates a new space, full of places to explore. Are you tired of visiting the same beach every year? Forget Sanya. Meet your friends in the metaverse and go to a beach on the moon – or anywhere else you can imagine. Once you’re there, you can do more than just splash around (戏水) in the water. You can fly over the sand or dive (潜水) to the bottom of the sea. You can ride horses, or better yet, unicorns (独角兽) and dinosaurs (恐龙)!

Read the eighth and ninth paragraphs of the passage and answer the following question.
8 Some people may argue that these experiences are not real. Cathy Hackl, an expert in metaverse technology, said her son’s first concert was inside of a video game. “Just because it happened in [a video game], it didn’t make it less real for him,” she said.
9 Perhaps the metaverse will change our idea of reality itself.
What does Cathy Hackl want to express?
The experiences created by the mataverse are real.

Analyzing the Structure
Part 1 (Paras 1-2 ): The introduction of the metaverse
Part 2 (Paras 3-4 ): The reality of the metaverse
Part 3 (Paras 5-7): The applications the metaverse
Part 4 (Paras 8-9 ): The future of the metaverse

With the development of the metaverse, more and more people will get involved in the virtual 3D world. What will happen if it continues to develop? Surf the internet and find more information about it and share your ideas with your classmates.

Language Study
1. a video game
2. a shared virtual 3D world
3. refer to
4. a science fiction book
5. virtual reality
6. more than
7. splash around
8. full of places to explore
9. be tired of
10. dive to the bottom of the sea

1. Wearing a VR headset, you can meet other people wherever they are.
  Wearing a VR headset为现在分词做伴随状语,表达主语__you___ 主动发出的动作,与谓语动词_________can meet other people________相伴随发生。
 wherever they are 为让步状语从句,译为_____不管在(到)哪里________,相当于no matter where
2. The word first appeared in a 1992 science fiction book called Snow Crash.
called Snow Crash为过去分词做后置定语,修饰名词____fiction book_____
例句:The book, written by Lu Xun, is taught in class.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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