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高一教案 第845期(6版)

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Recognized by eyes (P6)

邯郸市第一中学  Grace 

I. Lead-in  

Watch the video clip.  

What is it about? How does it work? 

II. Pre-reading

How is facial recognition technology being used around the world?

To unlock phones

To find missing people

To make payments

To track attendance

To control access  ...  


How effective is facial recognition? 

III. Fast reading

What does the text mainly talk about?

Tech companies have updated their software. Facial recognition technology can now identify people even if they are wearing a mask. (Para 2) 
Tip: Mostly, we can find the main idea at the beginning or ending of a paragraph or a text. 

IV. While-reading

Para 1:Facial recognition cameras are everywhere, including in your smartphone. Many people rely on this technology to unlock their phones, open doors or make quick payments, but there is a problem: Everyone is wearing masks (口罩). What a hassle!

What does the word “hassle” mean?

A hassle is a situation that is difficult and involves problems, effort, or arguments with people. 麻烦  


Para 4 Marios Savvides, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, US, studies facial recognition technology. As we get older, he said, our faces change shape, but not the area around our eyes. It stays the same – even if we put on weight. Para 5 Another company, Geneva-based Tech5, has also been working on this kind of software. Tech5 has AI that measures the shape of your face. It also scans your iris (the colored part of your eyes). Tech5 hopes to ignore all of the face below the nose. 

Read paragraphs 4-5. How does the technology identify people who wear masks?  

Tech5 has AI that measures the shape of your face. It also scans your iris (the colored part of your eyes). Tech5 hopes to ignore all of the face below the nose. 

Para 7 Facial recognition software is about more than just unlocking your phone. It’s about public safety.


What’s the function of the sentence in paragraph 7?

To introduce another benefit of facial recognition software.  

What will probably be talked about in the following part?

Public safety. 

According to paragraphs 8-14, what are the pros and cons of the latest facial recognition technology?  


It saves the trouble of presenting an ID card;

Germs aren’t spread by touching things;

It can be used to fight crime. 


It fails when people wear both a mask and sunglasses. 

What other pros and cons do you know about the technology? 

V. Post-reading

Do you support the facial recognition technology or not? Give your reasons.  

VI. Language study

 Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.

1. Beijing-based tech company Hanwang _____________ (announce) a software which can correctly recognize 95 percent of people wearing masks.  

2. Another company, Geneva-based Tech5, _____________ (work) on this kind of software.  

3. Japan’s NEC Corp claims an astounding (令人震惊的) 99.9 percent accuracy rate when ________ (identify) people with masks. The UK’s Metropolitan Police Service _____________ (approve) to buy and use NEC Corp’s facial recognition technology, Forbes reported on Sept 28.

4. Huang admits one big ________ (weak) of this technology. 

1. has announced/announced 2. has been working 3. identifying; has been approved 4. weakness
 Find useful words and expressions in the text and work out their meanings. facial recognition rely on unlock your phone  accuracy rate put on weight  contribute to  detect crime suspects 

Key:  面部识别 依靠 解锁你的手机 准确率 增重,长胖 为……做贡献;有助于 发现犯罪嫌疑人 

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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