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高一教案 第850期(4-5版)

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Celebrate traditions (P4-5)
吉林毓文中学  赵传彦

I. Lead-in
1. What are these two kinds of TV programs?
2. Which one do you prefer?
3. Which one do you think would make a TV station go viral? Why?

Star-studded reality show

Traditional Chinese dance

4. What questions come to mind when you see the title?

II. Reading for gist
Read the passage and check whether your questions can be answered.
Celebrate traditions
How: through Chinese dance
What: Henan TV station
What: traditional culture

III. Reading for details
Read the passage again and find out more details.
Celebrate traditions
Henan TV has gone viral (走红) by  (1)  traditional culture through Chinese dance.
The TV programs    Seven dance pieces (2)   traditional culture.
The influence    1. Nearly(3) hits on social media platforms.
2. Yao,  (4) of the TV station's Innovation Center,  (5) to a three-day forum.
3. Having made an (6) on Gen (7).
The reason    1. Background: the country's(8) and opening-up.
2. The audience: the younger generations have a more  (9)  mindset.
3. The TV station: ①presenting Chinese culture and tradition in interesting ways; ②producing content with strong visual creativity; ③using social media platforms to promote the shows.

(3)30 billion
(5)was invited
(6)emotional impact

IV. Critical thinking
Read paragraphs 7-10 and answer the following questions.
1) What has Henan TV been doing for nearly 30 years?
Henan TV has been producing shows highlighting traditional culture, such as traditional operas and kung fu.
2) What does the underlined word “appeal to” mean?
It means attract or interest somebody.(吸引, 引起兴趣)
3) In what aspects has Henan TV been innovative?
It produces content with strong visual creativity and using social media platforms to promote the shows.

According to this article, what do you think is the relationship between persistence and innovation?
We should stick to the right direction, and innovation is the driving force for promoting development.

Can you give some examples of promoting traditional culture by combining persistence with innovation.
Creative cultural products of the Palace Museum.
Various TV programs related to traditional culture.

V. Language focus
Words and expressions.
1) video-streaming platforms
2) promoting traditional culture
3) highlight
4) made an emotional impact on
5) reform and opening-up
6) appeal to
7) the latest technology
8) eye-catching

1) 视频平台
2) 弘扬传统文化
3) 突出,强调
4) 对……产生了情感上的影响
5) 改革开放
6) 吸引,使感兴趣
7) 最新技术
8) 惹人注意的,抢眼的

原文:This year, Henan TV produced seven dance pieces highlighting traditional culture, such as ...
熟意:v. 生产
本句:v. 监制,制作
1) Please produce your ticket for inspection.
2) An adult cat may produce kittens three times a year.
1) show 出示,拿出
2) give birth to 生,生育

原文1: “The seven dance pieces have gotten nearly 30 billion hits on social media platforms,” said Yao Wei, director...
熟意:v. 击中,打击
本句:n. (网站等的)点击,访问
原文2:On Nov 1, Yao was invited to talk about how the TV station had produced the hit dance pieces at a three-day forum (论坛) centering on the research of Chinese dance.
本句:n. 很受欢迎的人或事物

原文:“Social media is being shaped and driven by young people. It’s a powerful form of communication. When they take a quick scroll through their phones, they easily become interested in an eye-catching video,” Yao said.
本句:v. 决定……的形成,影响(to influence something and make it develop in a particular way)
猜词义:If you are out of shape, you are unhealthy and unable to do a lot of physical activity without getting tired.
shape: 健康状况

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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