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高二教案 第856期(2版)

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Making room for the pet boom (Page 2)
吉林毓文中学  赵传彦

I. Free talk
• Owning a cat or dog is one of the symbols of an ideal life for many young people of today. Do you like pets? Are you willing to spend your time and money on them?

• According to the Chinese Pet Industry White Paper, the number of pet dogs and cats in China’s urban (城市的) areas reached 100.84 million in 2020. It means that one out of every 10 people in urban areas owns a pet cat or dog.

II. Read for details
Read the article and answer the following questions.
1. Why is Liao’s story mentioned in the first paragraph?
To introduce the topic that keeping pets has become a new trend and that people are willing to pay for whatever their pets need.

2. How does the author show the pet market is growing?
1) list numbers:
grew by almost 18 percent
hit 348.8 billion yuan
2) give examples:
such as bathing, pet food, pet beauty and healthcare.
paying for many new services, such as training, pet funerals, insurance, photography and entertainment.

3. What is the main content from paragraph 5 to paragraph 9?

4. What is Tu Di’s attitude toward the booming pet market?

5. What concerns is the growing pet industry bringing about?
The lack of related regulations, for example, strict pricing regulations for pet medical services.

III. Read for structure
Divide the article into 3 parts and summarize the main idea of each part.
Part 1 Paras 1-4     Introduction: the growing pet industry
Part 2 Paras 5-9    Some new pet-related jobs
Part 3 Paras 10-11     Meanings and concerns

IV. Discussion
Can you name some new pet-related jobs? What’s your attitude toward them?
Varieties of new pet-related jobs:
professional dog walkers 遛狗员
pet social media stars 宠物up主
pet food testers 宠物试吃员
pet sitters 宠物保姆
pet trainers 宠物训练师

V. Language focus
Words and expressions
1. a great demand for
2. be more than willing to
3. grow by
4. boost the emergence and development of …
5. give birth to
6. work on
7. a sense of responsibility
8. high-tech products
9. track down
10. apart from
11. call for
12. price regulations

1. 对……的巨大需求
2. 非常愿意做……
3. 增长了
4. 促进了……的出现和发展
5. 产生
6. 从事,致力于
7. 责任感
8. 高科技产品
9. 追踪
10. 除了
11. 呼吁
12. 价格规定


本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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