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高一教案 869期(3版)

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2021-22学年度第39期总第869期 (3版)
Cutting through lies (Page 3)
江苏省新沂市中学  张蕊

I. Lead-in
Think and talk
Do you know Gwen Ifill?
Gwendolyn Ifill (1955–2016) was a famous African-American journalist, television newscaster and author. She fought for social justice through her news stories. In 1999, she became the first African-American woman to host a nationally televised US public affairs program with Washington Week in Review. 

After she died in 2016, a student award was set up in her honor.

Who is the Gwen Ifill Award presented to?
This award is presented to female students of color who represent the values Gwen brought to journalism.

II. Making a prediction
Who “cut through” lies?
How did he or she “cut through” lies?
What kind of “lies” does this refer to?
What happened after he or she did this?

III. Reading for structure  


IV. Reading for details  
1. What was Gwen Ifill when she was alive?
She was a famous African-American journalist who fought for social justice through her news stories.

2. Why did Ana Rodriguez win the 2021 Gwen Ifill High School Student of the Year Award?
She won due to her real passion for fighting fake news about COVID-19 vaccines, medical studies and other social media dramas.

3. What does Rodriguez think we should do before we spread a news item?
We need to cultivate a certain type of skepticism before we either react to the news or spread it. We also need to double-check the sources by checking other websites.

4. What does the underlined word “skepticism” probably mean?
A. Doubt.  B. Interest.  C. Curiosity.  D. Concern.

Key: A

5. How did Rodriduez help her parents understand the vaccine?
She helped reassure her own parents, who were worried about the vaccine’s side effects, after they decided to get immunized. She was able to help them find the truth and make them less worried.

6. Why did Leffel nominate Rodriguez?
Matthew Leffel nominated Rodriguez for the award because of her enthusiasm and “purposefulness” while working on a multi-disciplinary class project on disinformation. Rodriguez went very deep with her research and she was able to demonstrate the kind of media literacy skills that the school had intended to build. She was not just doing her research project as a class assignment, but as something that had an important meaning for her life.

7. Rodriguez and other students put their arguments into booklets in order to _____.
A. promote their website
B. raise public awareness
C. complete their assignment
D. learn from each other

Key: B

V. Useful expressions
Can you find these expressions in the text?
3. 由于
4. 伪装成真新闻
6. 对……做出回应 
7. 试图做某事
8. 分发
9.  副作用


VI. Language study
1.Gwen Ifill was a famous African-American journalist who fought for social justice through her news stories.
句中who引导定语从句,修饰先行词journalist 。
Fight for意思是“为… …而战”,fight用作不及物动词时,常与 against , back, for, about等词连用。
1. I could hear them fighting _______ money again.
2.  I hope they continue to fight ____equal justice after I'm gone.
3.The medical community continues to make progress in the fight 
________ cancer. 

Key: 1. about, 2. for; 3. against

1.This is an old computer ______works much slower.
2.They stayed with me for three weeks during ____ they drank all my wine.
3.The picture _____ we are looking at was drawn by a fifteen-year-old student.
4.The picture _____ we are looking at was drawn by a fifteen-year-old student.

1. which/that   2. which   3. which/that    4. which

VII. Discussion
How can we identify fake news?
How should we react to fake news?

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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